This Fable article was written by Jorden Pinchen, a GIGsoup contributor.  Edited by Hazel Webster

Brighton based singer/songwriter Fable is back after touring the country with a new single ‘I Am You’.  Fable is breaking boundaries, she has an individual sound with haunting vocals and intelligent lyrics, electronic twists and a dark sensual vibe.

For newcomers Fable describes herself as “a performer and a front woman as much as a musician.”  Originally from Devon, Fable is now living in Brighton “because every day is like the circus came to town, and I refuse to do anything other than art because I’m totally impractical, and I think music heals people.”

In a recent interview with Fable, she tells us about her song writing processes, her views on the music industry and what we can expect from her next body of work.

What is your songwriting process?

I think the process is different for each song, rhythm comes first then I like to find the attitude of the song – whose story is this?  Am I the narrator or the character?  Sometimes both, and the lyrics come together half way through finding the melody.

Your next single is out in January, what is the plan for the rest of the album and what can we expect from it?

This album’s going to ask really overlooked questions regarding the Self – are we just individual pairs of eyes operating separately from each other, or are we actually one network invisibly attached to everything we think of as outside of us – ‘I Am You’.  Most of the tracks are yet to be completely finished so, it could go anywhere.

I heard that you are to join forces with Orbital for Eurovision 2016?  Please tell me more about this?

That would be an interesting move…

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Who inspires you?

People who say what they feel, without tailoring their truth to fit what the rest of the party expects.  We are constantly being told who we are by other people, it limits us, turns bright individuals into beige.  I don’t think idols are healthy for society, it familiarises people with one ruling and the rest obey, disempowering the individual.  We’ve seen what mess that gets us into.  David Bowie even refused a knighthood because he didn’t get swept up in that pomposity or agree with what it stood for – it’s that spirit that inspires me.

You are very young, and have already found your own individual sound.  Do you think you have always known what kind of artist you want to be or are you still experimenting?

No not at all, in fact in many ways I still don’t know what music I make, or who the fudge I am meant to be.  I don’t think you ever do.  I just do what feels right in the moment and carry on changing and reinventing it.

Your songs are cinematic and you are known for challenging boundaries.  What are your thoughts on current pop artists and the pop culture?

It feels like there’s a template and everyone who’s aiming at a record deal is bound to it.  It’s all become very safe – the record companies aren’t willing to take the risks they did in the past because it’s now a suffering industry, and when that gets in the way of originality coming forward I get sad.

Finally… What’s next?

We’ll be busy finishing the album over the winter, I’ll be in London on 17th Nov playing at The Finsbury pub, and the video to the new single ‘I Am You’ is set for lift off very soon as well!

‘I Am You’ is out on 15th January via 74 Music

Brighton songstress Fable talks to our very own Jorden Pinchen in this exclusive GIGsoup interview

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