GIGsoup’s Laura Koonjean was fortunate to catch up with the very talented Mr Andre Combs to discuss his new EP and life on the road.

Welcome, Andrew, thanks so much for chatting with us today. How are you? 

Good. Thank you. 

You have a new EP out, ‘5 Covers and a Song’. Tell us the inspiration behind this collection of songs?

Well, I originally wanted to do an EP of just Loudon Wainwright III tunes. I’m a new father, and absolutely love his knack for writing about familial relationships— It hit close to home. But over the course of preparing for recording, I got the notion to do a wide variety of songs. Some are new favourites, some are tunes I grew up with. 

You are currently doing a tour of the USA.  What do you love about travelling around your home land? 

We’ll be going from the east coast to the west coast, so we’ll be seeing some beautiful country and hopefully running into some old friends along the way. 

UK fans look back fondly at your time at C2C and when you played the Borderline. What memories do you have of your last trip to our shores?

There’s really nothing like playing to the UK audiences. I cherish each and every tour over there. The people are respectful and true music lovers. Looking forward to being back.

Tell us the story behind your hit ‘Rainy Day Song’ please.

That’s a song I wrote with Brent Cobb. He had the first verse, I had the chorus, and we both wrote the second verse. It’s about being at the bottom with nowhere to go but up. A spiritual tune of sorts. 

What was the first song you ever wrote about?

Not too sure. Probably something to do with a middle school crush.

What are your hopes for the remainder of 2018?

Looking forward to recording a new full length record. 

Quick Fire Questions

Mountain Top or River Wild? – River Wild

Lyrics or Melody? – Both

Passion or Perseverance? – Both are essential 

Soup or Salad? – Soup

Johnny Cash or Johnny Depp? – Cash

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