Borza releases new dark-folk song and video for “Be Amazing”

Born in London, raised in Québec, and of Persian background, Borza considers himself being a human on this earth, for now. His main interest & goal with music is to have the listener experience the natural synergie that music has with spirituality. He believes that music can help to heal people in different ways.

He just released a new dark-folk song, “Be Amazing”, that heavily features his unique, growling vocals. Listen now and read our interview below!

Can you talk to us about the inspiration behind ‘True To You’? 

The inspiration of this song comes from watching someone constantly complaining about things, and almost impossible to satisfy in certain ways. Therefore this person is mad at everyone most of the time, blaming others for their own decisions that they weren’t happy about. So I find when you are true to yourself, you make the decisions that feel good to you, and you assume these moves. If you mess up, you can work on improving yourself rather than blaming others and just staying mad at the world, the is a sad outcome I find, so be true to you.

How has your community contributed to your success? 

I live up in the mountains in Morin-heights, Québec about an hour north of montreal. It’s all small villages here so people usually attribute more time in simple living and are curious & supportive about the arts that come out from here.It’s really nice.

What advice would you give other musicians? 

I think doing what we love is a key element in advancing further towards our goals and dreams. When you love what you do, it becomes your lifestyle and not your job so much, so you don’t really count the hours, you just do it because you love it. I would suggest to only do the type of music you love. Otherwise might as well do anything else than music.

Describe to our audience your music-making process.

Whenever I get a joy rush of some kind, I feel like sharing it.  Sharing good vibes with people, like sharing a great new record, or movie, or a story about something that happened to you.So I write about a certain moment of inspiration, that can sometimes bring me to an enlightenment of a certain subject.Lots of times I also just fiddle around on the guitar and usually something that I like comes out .. Most of the time ..Afterwards I start thinking of different type of arrangements that can work on this song to help bring out the meaning as much as possible. And at that point I get in touch with another producer, in the case Malcolm Burn, to finalise the approach.

How did it feel when you released your debut single? 

Just like the song, amazing !  I’m happy and touched of the attention it got.  It shows me that people need to hear positive vibes, and not only sad situations that they can relate to. My goal in life has always been to try to help my family & friends and the people around me with music. It’s sometimes hard to chose the right words in a head to head conversation, I find music can help getting a message across. So super happy about the response so far, the song has been added to nearly 300 playlists on Spotify.

If you could collaborate with any musician/band, who would it be? And why?

Malcolm burn again, because it was just very real and lots of fun. If we can have Marc Howerd join is for some tracks next tome around it be great … They have worked together on amazing records, the results have been musically historical.

What first got you interested into music?

Watching a show on TV and seeing the Beatles perform.  I was so curious as to why thousands of fans are freaking out while these 4 guys are hardly moving in suits. That image showed me how powerful music can be.