GIGsoup talk to WE-ARE-Z about their latest single and the surreal accompanying video

You may be thinking, “I’ve seen this post before?” and you’d be partially right. Following our review of the video for ‘Easy’ by WE-ARE-Z, a previous BOOM! article, we talk to the indie-pop rockers about how travel inspired them, and what the significance is of those strange pink objects that appear throughout the video.

How did you get together as a band?

Archie: A satisfying succession of musical and social chain reactions occurred …. I met Gabby upon the recommendation of a French friend who I played in another band with. Gabby asked another friend of his in Paris (Clement) to join the band, I asked a friend of mine in London (Guillaume) who I’d just done some gigs with to join, and another friend of a friend of a friend insisted that Max should be our guitarist. An illogical and logistically awkward union, but one that is proving to be very pleasing and musically highly fruitful.”

How would you describe your sound in 3 words?


We love your latest song, ‘Easy’. The idea behind the song reflects the time that three of you were all travelling around different parts of the world simultaneously. What was it about this that inspired you to write the song?

The realisation that a strong lust for travel, and for extreme travel experience, was quite clearly evident in our collective DNA, and is a strong motivating factor in all that we do.

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The video is quite unusual, quite surreal. You seemed to be heavily involved in the making and production of it. How much creative control did you have with it? Where did you come up with the idea for it?

We had complete creative control. Our singer, Gabby, came up with the concepts along with a very good  friend of ours, who is a video and alternative theatre director.

As with most of our ideas… late night, wine fuelled, in a studio in south west London.

What’s the significance of the random pink objects?        

In the context of this video, pink represents the opportunities that life throws at you on your travels. A crossroads.

It’s to say ‘No’, and stick with what you have and remain secure, or to say ‘Yes’, and to enter the unknown, to face perhaps danger but also to take the chance of more delicious happenings.

Pink is a fundamental of ours. If you can take in a show, it will make further sense.

What have you got lined up for this year? Any tour news you can let us know of?

(Archie) We are main support act for the Electric 6 UK,  Europe and Ireland tour later this year. More shows between now and then to be announced on our social media and website soon.

This WE-ARE-Z article was written by Alia Thomas, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Stephen Butchard.

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