The intertwining of rock and rap has always been an interesting sound and one that continues to progress.

Prime examples are Linkin Park and Jay-Z’s ‘Collision Course’ album as well as those infamous songs such as ‘Walk This Way’ by Aerosmith featuring Run DMC. Bringing it back to the here and now we have this recent collaboration of American rockers, Faulkner, and Wu Tang Clan’s RZA. We speak to Faulkner about the collaboration and how they got working with a member of one of the most popular and influential hip-hop groups of the last 20 years.

You describe yourself as a ‘bicoastal’ band. Why is this and how did you get together as Faulkner?

Faulkner:Although we are based in LA we all lived in NY at some point of our lives and feel part of it. Plus, we fly there once every few weeks to play shows. We probably play more shows in NY than we do in LA. Also the pizza is better…

How did you come to collaborate with RZA from Wu Tang Clan?

We sent him a demo of ‘NY Anthem’ and he liked it. Called us up and said he was down to work with it. He suggested Rick Rubin’s Shangri La to record and we had a blast. Really great energy during those sessions.

‘Wu Tang Slang’ seems to be a re-working of ‘NY Anthem’. What made you re-record this song differently?

Every song can potentially have many incarnations. The possibilities are endless. You just shine a different light on it and ‘NY Anthem’ lends itself to something like that. We love the song and had a lot of fun putting together this version.

You’ve furthered your work with RZA by having him produce your EP ‘Revanchist’. How was it working with him in this way?

RZA is one of the most intelligent people we have met and worked with. His unique approach to creating art through philosophy and science is truly amazing. He applied himself 100% and shared his experience wisely. Hard to single out one particular thing about working with him but outside of our work his Wu-Tang stories were amazing. Sorry…can’t share.

Tell us a little about your EP. Does it have a running theme/narrative throughout? What’s each of yours favourite track off it?

‘Revanchist’ has a strong retribution theme throughout. My favorite is ‘Waters Are A Rising’.

What else can we look forward to from Faulkner in the next 6 months/year?

A full album and a tour…

This Track of the Day article was written by Alia Thomas, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson.

GIGsoup Exclusive Interview - Faulkner talk about the recent collaboration with RZA 'Wu Tang Slang'

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