Sam Palladio is an accomplished singer songwriter and is currently putting together his new album. He is a much in demand actor and has been in shows such as Episodes, Humans and of course Nashville.

Welcome Sam.  Glad to speak you at the Black Deer Festival. You were born near here, in Pembury and still have close connections to the area.  What’s it like to be back here?

It’s really nice. My Aunty and Uncle live maybe three miles away.  I drove to their house and then came to the festival site.  I was born round the corner, but grew up in Cornwall really. I do still have roots here. My parents lived in Tunbridge Wells for a while. My grandparents lived here. It’s nice to be back where the family originated.

Talking about beginnings, can you remember what the first song you wrote was about?

Yes! It was called ‘Why didn’t you text me back’. Oh, no. I also wrote a song for a musical at school. It had all these fancy chords.  But ‘Why didn’t you text me back’ is the one that pops into my mind. I wrote it with my friend Lee on ‘Music 2000’ which was a game you had for the Playstation.  It was a very early digital music programme.  I was about 13, my girlfriend at the time didn’t text me back.  So I write that song.  I’ll release it someday!

You’ve been putting together a new album. Please tell us about that?

I was working in the studio a little at the start of this year.  I’m going back into the studio in Nashville in August to really take some time and make sure these songs are right. I’ve lived there for six years and it’s such an inspiring city. To create this body of work there has been fantastic.  Now that I’ve finished on the TV show, I have the time to really give it the weight that it deserves. Some people spend many years cracking their first record.  It feels like I’ve spent years writing the songs for this. We’ve still got a little way to go. It pulls from my Cornish roots a little bit, the folk, Celtic singer songwriter stuff straight through to the more rock, Americana, Black Keys fuzzy guitar sounds. I grew up playing in a lot of rock bands, playing drums and all that kind of stuff. It definitely has a rocky element to it.

What is the best song writing tip you’ve been given?

Well I’ve learnt about simplicity over the last few years really.  I would write very wordy things. Then I moved to Nashville and realised that some of the best songs are so simple, so straight to the point and truth telling. I’ve tried to keep it simpler in the last few years.  It has certainly helped and certainly brought a different direction.  It’s still important to go with those original impulses, where the songs come from and not try and predict what the industry wants to hear. Just tell your truth, tell your story.

What was your ‘Nashville’ highlight?

Singing with Elton John!

Quick Fire Questions

French bread or French fries? – French fries

Mountain high or river deep? – River deep

Faith or hope? – Hope

Rob Downey Jnr or Rob Lowe? – Downey Jnr

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