GIGsoup recently had the opportunity to site down with the incredibly talented Beth Rowley – a renowned singer/songwriter who has worked with the like of Jools Holland, Crowded House and Burt Bacharach. She was nominated for a Brit Award and is back with a new album ‘Gota Frio’.

Beth, welcome.  It’s lovely to talk to you. How has your week been so far?

Hi Laura. Lovely to talk to you! This week has been ace. Summer has finally arrived so it’s all good!

You have a beautiful new collection of songs ‘Gota Frio’ which is available now.  If you could describe the album in 3 words what would those be?

That’s tough.. here goes…10 Year Pregnancy!

Talk us through the process of writing for this new album

I have been writing continuously over the past 10 years, especially the last 2 to get the right tunes to make this album tell my story. Some came really quickly, others were long processes of making small changes…others are older, 6 years old and some are very new, written a few weeks before going into the studio to record it. Only wrote with people I respect and admire both as people and musicians/writers. It’s really important to me to create a space where we can say anything and feel safe and that means all feeling valued and like we actually want to be together as people first.

If there is track that has special significance for you on this record, perhaps you could share which one and why? 

I would say they all do. I wanted to communicate things that are deeply personal to me in every song…some are more obvious than others. Lots are prayers and things I wanted to tell my family and my husband…real life stuff that I’ve learnt over the last 10 years. Perhaps my favourite is Run to the Light, which is about family and the bond that ties family together…the same energy that binds everything together, that we’re all part of… humans, nature, animals, the cycle of life…and how Love is this powerful force that isn’t bound by death.

Tell us what the inspiration behind your single ‘Forest Fire’.

This is a song I wrote with Ron Sexsmith. I went to Toronto on a writing trip a few years ago and spent time with him at this house. This song is about passion and desire and that rush of attraction when you are around someone new. But it’s also about choice. Before you let yourself go into something you have the choice to do so or not. Some people think they don’t have choice, but we all do, we just choose to ignore it and do what we want. Which is fine but we should know that’s what we are doing – and there is a ripple effect from that in everything we do.

You will be going on tour to support the album shortly. What excites you about going on the road? 

Performing live is the reason I do everything all leads to that. At the moment, its 5% performance and 95% emailing and behind the scenes business, but I believe this will change soon! I’ve always loved singing live. I feel most alive and free when I sing. I see it as a way of offering myself to people…the payoff is having people receive it and feeling that there has been an exchange. Pretty much in life I love the feeling that there is an exchange happening, whether it’s being with family or friends or sitting in a field feeling connected to the earth. It’s got to be real…no bullshit…it raises lots of questions in a world of social media where there’s a need to be constantly posting stuff about can all become all surface stuff…it’s hard to get the balance right but it can be done. I try to offer just me and not what I think I should look like but its hard!!

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Some of your songs have this epic, expansive feel to them that lends itself well to movie and TV sounds tracks. A couple have featured in films and on major BBC drama shows. What goes through your mind when you hear your tracks in that context?  

I love it! It’s awesome to hear my music on TV! It adds a whole new level to it which I love. I’d love to do more of this..I love independent film that challenge the norm and experiment with sound and lighting veer from traditional methods, directors like Andrea Arnold and Lone Scherfig I love.

Your career has spanned a decade. As you look back, what stands out as the happiest time for you? 

My happiest times are the in-between bits. I love working and having a schedule and going from thing to thing, it’s so fulfilling to have this album finished and finally be able to perform my music…but it’s the small moments I always remember…things like standing in the hall way before I went on stage at the Albert Hall for the first time..knowing my family were out there waiting for me…or picking up the boys from their houses at 6am in the dark, on our way to our first gig on tour…the feeling of just being and stopping long enough to be thankful for it (as cheesy as it’s true.)

If you had any advice for women just starting out in the music industry, what would that be?

Find other strong, loving and kind women who support you, who you love and be strong together. 100% I have come this far with strong women around me (and men).

Quick Fire Questions:

Dog or cat? – DOG!

Patience or kindness? – Kindness!

Oranges or apples? – Oranges!

Dinner or dancing? – Dancing!

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