Ashley McBryde chats to GIGsoup about her tour and latest single ‘One Night Standards’

Ashley McBryde is Grammy nominated singer-songwriter based in Nashville. Her album ‘Girl Going Nowhere’ won her an army of fans on both sides of the Atlantic. We were delighted to chat to Ashley when she recently had a show in London.

Welcome, it’s great to talk to you today. How has the tour been so far?

It has been wonderful. We’ve started in Switzerland and I’ve never been. I got to be in Gstaad. It was beautiful, the people were so nice.  Germany then Amsterdam, now we’re back in London. It’s great, I’ve been here a few times, so it gets to feel like home when you get to London.

Tonight’s gig is going to be nuts, last time I was here I was opening for Luke Combs, it was a sold out show. Now I’m headlining here and it’s a sold out show. So the feeling when I get on stage is going to be pretty intense.

Please can you tell us the story behind your new single ‘One Night Standards’

Sure. We were actually trying to write a song about an airport hotel. You know, you don’t stay long. We started writing this song, but, we couldn’t get it quite where we wanted it to go. So we put it down, because we didn’t want to ruin it.  We’ll take what we’ve got, we’ll step away from it.

My buddy Nicolette and I were going to write with Shane McAnally. We presented the song to him, saying here’s what we have and here what we think the problems are. He disagreed and said ‘I don’t think these are problems. Let’s rework it all together’. I happened to say ‘ Most hotels only have one nightstand in them, one nightstander’ Shane then said ‘Did you say one night standards’ ‘I said no, one nightstander’ He then said ‘that’s a better direction to go’ Then all we had to do was get honest about one night stands.

If we were going to Nashville, what five things should we do?

  • You should have a hamburger at Browns Diner. There are no frills, it’s just a really good hamburger.
  • Go to a bar called ‘Losers’ and listen to the house band. They are really good. 
  • There are botanical gardens, we don’t have a lot of those. It’s called Cheekwood.
  • Everyone should go to the Grand Ole Opry or visit The Ryman if you haven’t done that.
  • I would also tell you to go to Mike’s Ice cream. You need to head downtown, where all the tourist stuff is, skirt by everything and get an ice-cream

What do you still love about song writing?  You’ve been in Nashville for over ten years, what still inspires you.

I went from writing five or six days a week, to writing one day a month when I started doing the artist stuff. So, I missed it, really bad, you go a little crazy if you can’t write and you’re a writer. What I really like about it now is that when you get back into the swing of it and still write with the people I have always written with.  I am constantly amazed by the people arriving into town. This is my twelfth year in Nashville. There are people just coming in who have only been there one or two years that I’m meeting and getting to write with and collaborate with, I am constantly amazed how talented people are. How lucky to be one of those centres, one of those towns were these talented people get to be.

So, who should we be looking out for?

The voice that once you hear her you’re never going to forget her is Caylee Hammack. You are going to love her. Ingrid Andress, she’s just been over here. I don’t know if Tyler Childers has caught on here yet, but he is country. If he’s not, I’ll eat your hat. You’ll really enjoy him.

Quick fire questions. So if you had to choose, would you pick…

Ready or steadySteady

Book or filmFilm

Blue moon or blue roses – Roses

Jack Daniels or George DickelOhhhh, George Dickel

Sean Penn or Shaun MendesSean Penn

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