Aruba Red releases two new remixes of her soulful track ‘Butterfly’

Alt Soul artist Aruba Red has released two remixes of her EP track ‘Butterfly’. The Abyss Bay remix is a sonic deconstruction of the original into a slick, hypnotic Techno version and the Aeroplane Dope remix is in a Drum n Bass style, with killer bass licks and dancehall undertones. She talks to us about the origin of her name and the inspiration behind her tracks.

Tell us about the origin of the name Aruba Red?

My sister Kyla chose this name for me. Aruba Red was a legendary female pirate, I love the imagery of this rebellious and free woman sailing the seas hundreds of years ago and I often call on her spirit.

Tell us about the Inspiration for ‘Butterfly’?

Butterfly is the antidote, it celebrates healthy self-love. The song is intended as a soothing balm made up of essential oils, tropical fruits, flowers and fresh water. I’m singing about my own healing and transformation. I’m acknowledging that we all deserve to feel good, to take off the stress, to be happy and to be proud of ourselves. I just want everyone hurting to be cocooned in healing light and then all take off together!

How did you come to develop the two latest remixes?

I reached out to friends of mine… Michael Antoniou plays lead guitar on most of my recent work. The epic solo in Blue, another track on the Shadow Work EP is Mike who has contributed guitar for Rihanna and also has a side project, electronic music production duo Abyss Bay. They remixed the track into this uplifting techno house mix and I love it. The other remix is by an old friend Aeroplane Dope who I met through my sister at uni. He actually designed the artwork for my first release, a man of many talents! He’d taken a hiatus for a few years and has thankfully come back to releasing dope liquid drum & bass music. He put this remix together and it takes me back to my raving days, pre-lockdown! Both of these remixes inject a fresh take onto the original and I’m loving the energy.

Are you back in the studio recording? When will your next single be released and do you have a title for it yet?

Yes I am in the studio and loving it. I’ve recently collaborated on a song with the legendary Nitin Sawhney for his upcoming album ‘Immigrants’ which I’m really excited about and I’m recording a series of guided meditations for my new venture In terms of my next single, it’s looking like this will be Trust taken from the Shadow Work EP accompanied by a new visual created by DNR Films. But before that drops, I’m putting out a live album supported by Help Musicians UK, using audio and footage take from my debut headline show at St Pancras Old Church back in March.

Is it difficult balancing life as an artist and a mother?

It can be challenging but I’m finding that I’m more productive now than ever. Becoming a mother has provided me with a lifetime of inspiration and strength. I’m so much more focused and appreciative of the time I have to make music.

How do you relax? Spend your downtime?

I love listening to podcasts and learning new things. During lockdown I’ve been practicing the guitar and taking a new course studying the art of radical birthkeeping. I also adore practicing Reiki on myself every night before I go to sleep which is so relaxing. But most of all I love sleep.

Career highlight to date?

My best friend’s baby being born to one of my songs