Artifas – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

After a night of face melting music comprised of heavy hitting bass, soul pumping guitar riffs and raucous, yet melodic lyrics, GIGsoup’s Angela Mockbee sat down to interview Artifas. The band were performing on one of their last stops, before they head out to Japan on the Rockin’ the Block tour with the hard core rock line up of Papa Roach, Hoobastank, P.O.D., Trapt, Sick Puppies and Red Sun Rising.

Artifas are a five piece rock band out of Tennessee made up of members Scottie Somerville (lead vocals), Cody Criswell (lead guitar), Mikey Miller (rhythm guitar), Anthony  Mattox (bass), and Jared Wainscott (drums). With two albums to their credit, Enemy Inside and Inhuman, they are currently working on new music.

Aside from being sensational artists, these guys are laid back, fan oriented, and always ready to have fun. A hit on social media with their fans, they are always uploading live performances, q and a’s, and videos of their touring adventures.

Being a fan myself and belting out your lyrics every time I attend a show, how do you feel when you see fans singing right back to you the songs that you wrote?

It’s literally the best feeling. It’s a dream come true. It took a while for that to start happening.  Recently we have been seeing it more and more. The more places we go, the crowds are loud and singing all the lyrics and it’s the best feeling. It shows a connection we have when you can hear them singing back at you.

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You write all of your lyrics too?

Yes, absolutely. We write everything ourselves.

This brings me to the new music.  I know you all have discussed writing new music. Will the new music come out soon or is this a future plan?

We are going to be releasing the songs, pretty regularly soon. I don’t know if we will be releasing a full length album right away. We’re going to take a little different approach. We want to release new music constantly instead of dropping ten songs on everybody at once. We can give you some songs here and a couple months later a couple more. It keeps everybody more involved, more anticipation.

When you say “everybody more involved”, are you referring to the fans?

Yes, if you are giving something new at all times, it’s always something to talk about, to share, and to get excited about. For example, right now if we throw a new music video on one of the songs that people have been listening to for a couple years, it is new stuff for the fans. We constantly want to put out new music for the fans to be more excited.

Speaking of your fans, Artifas has a huge presence on social media. For example, today before the show Cody made a video at a cookout telling everyone to come out to the show tonight. You always put out live feeds, which the fans always positively react to. Do you think social media now, at this point where you are at as a band helps you or hinders you? Is it a positive experience or does it get really intrusive?

It does get intrusive. However, social media is a double edge sword. It hinders things in the music business, but at the same time it’s such a good tool to get your name out there. I don’t even understand how bands in the 80’s did it. They went to play a show in Chicago and how did they let people know? Social media is good on so many levels, however it can be bad. We just try to keep as active as possible. We try to get people to watch, so sometimes we do stupid things on video.

That’s why people watch all the time. It doesn’t matter what you do, the fans want to see you.

If you can’t have fun, then what’s the point right?

Yes, and the on the next level of fun, you are going on tour in Japan soon and you have been wanting to tour with Papa Roach, which you get to do now. How do you feel about this?

It’s a dream come true. Mikey is the biggest Japanese music fan. He’s worried about finding the best ramen noodle shop. Ramen and sake. Really, we are hoping that opens up a lot more doors. Honestly, we have been chasing Papa Roach for a while. Our fans have been chasing Papa Roach for us too. How long have we been with Lover’s and Lunatics (the clothing brand by Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, sponsors Artifas)? At least two years. Ever since then, we told people we would make it happen (the tour with Papa Roach) one way or the other. Playing in Japan is a big step for us. We will see if anything else comes out of it.

What about the UK? Do you guys ever think about touring there?

Oh yeah! We have fans over there that post on our page all the time, when are you coming to the UK? We respond, when we can figure out how!

What’s next? You have the big tour, then what happens?

When we get back from tour, we will continue writing. We will get some of the new songs completed and out. We will do some more touring and keep pushing it. We will be doing some stuff around August. We will take a little time off. However, we are going to jump right back into things.