Anteros – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Anteros (an-ter-os) as eloquently stated in their twitter bio, are a four piece band from London comprised of Laura Hayden, Joshua Rumble, Harry Balazs and recently instated guitarist Jackson Couzens.

After touring the UK with Two Door Cinema Club, Anteros have crossed the channel to embark on the European leg of their venture supporting White Lies. Latest single ‘Drunk’ was premiered via The Love Magazine nearly two weeks ago and since then it’s been somewhat of a whirlwind for the band.

In between their busy schedule of acquiring gnomes from supermarkets in the early hours of the morning and producing tracks that will ‘punch you in the face’ and ‘fly you into space’, they took the time to speak to GIGsoup’s Ben Bowman prior to the release of the ‘Drunk’ EP on the 14th of April.

So, your latest release ‘Drunk’ is out now, how does it feel that it’s finally out and you can share it with everyone?

It comes in waves of scary vs. exciting to be putting out a new record. We’ve been on tour since it came out, so things have been a little bit hectic.

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Subsequently, the ‘Drunk’ EP is out on the 14th of April, what can we expect from the other tracks?

We’re so happy to be putting out an EP of tracks we’ve recorded together, in the same studio. The last EP, Breakfast, was mostly demos. We’d re-recorded parts, mixed a couple of tracks, etc… but we hadn’t had the chance to go into a studio and record the EP as a whole. We feel like this EP represents our sound and the direction we want to take it in. “On the Moon” is groovy, “Cherry Drop” punches you in the face, and “High, Goodbye” flies you into space.

Your style as a band is somewhat transgressive, blending evident inspirations of pop alongside a stomping, more ‘rocky’ feel – how important do you feel it is to move the goalposts slightly and challenge yourselves when it comes to approaching new songs?

We feel it’s important to be comfortable with evolving, and not trying to write the same song over and over again. The more shows we play, the more we get a feel for the tracks and identify how we want to sound. Jackson joining the band has definitely contributed to the heavier guitar sound. We’re so happy to have him onboard, and happy that he’s finding his feet and place in the band.

When was the last time you got drunk and if you can remember it, what happened?

Josh’s birthday last weekend. We had a couple of days off on the White Lies tour, so we got an Air BnB in Edinburgh. We walked out of a supermarket at 4am with a trolley full of garden gnomes. The gnomes now have their own seats in the tour van and are currently touring Holland with us.

Have you been known to devise any unusual alcoholic concoctions or are you pretty straight down the line with your drink of choice?

Jackson likes beer, which Josh also enjoys as much as red wine- Laura’s drink of choice (except for when there’s Margaritas). We always make fun of Harry because he drinks tropical cocktails.

What is your most tried and tested hangover cure?

A hammer. Vitamin C, healthy(ish) brunch and buckets of water (fizzy or from the tap.)

As a band that has been hotly tipped to flourish in 2017, people are naturally discovering Anteros on a daily basis whether it be on the radio or through social media. What do you feel is the best platform for discovering new music in the current climate?

These days we feel it’s 360: you kind of have to man all / most platforms, and it has to come from the band.

What are you as a band currently listening to on the tour bus?

We’ve just made a playlist!

Huw Stephens, self confessed ‘new music guru’ from Radio 1 is a fan of you and ‘Drunk’ was featured on his show this week, does it still feel bizarre being played on the radio?

It still feels kind of surreal. (Thanks Huw!)

With all the festival announcements flying around at the moment, how is your Summer shaping up? Is it going to be a busy one?

YES. So busy for so many different reasons. We can’t wait.

The ‘Drunk’ EP is available to pre-order now, get it here –

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