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Angaleena Presley – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Renowned singer songwriter Angaleena Presley took some time out to talk to GIGsoup during her recent visit to the UK. Her early work with the Pistol Annies to collaborating with people such as Chris Stapleton and Miranda Lambert on her new album ‘Wrangled’ has sealed her place as an eminent musician both in the US and here in Britain.

So, what’s your first musical memory?

I remember my mom singing to me.

What was the last song you downloaded?

The Secret Sisters new album. You Don’t Own Me Anymore

You’ve been doing shows around the UK, how has that been going?

It’s been wonderful. The fans are attentive and loyal. I’m always seeing new things and learning more about the culture. It’s so inspiring. The only down side is that I might’ve picked up a little tea habit and good English breakfast tea is hard to come by in the states.

Tell us a bit about the heart behind your new album ‘Wrangled’

The heart is my heart, exposed and bleeding. I didn’t hold anything back on this record, musically or lyrically. It’s the story of my experience in the music industry and more specifically my experience as a female trying to navigate through an environment that not only doesn’t support females but purposely tries to weed them out. At the same time, I tried to make a timeless album that an audience can connect with without knowing the symbolic undertone.

What was your approach to song writing this time around?

It’s always the same. I keep my heart and eyes open and wait for the songs to come. I don’t have a lot of control over it.

You have had a distinguished career, what has been the highlight so far?

Making this last record was really magical. There was never a moment in the studio where it felt like we had to “try”. It really was effortless. All the musicians, the engineers, the collaborators and my co-producer… it was like floating around in genius soup for a week… Plus, making this album was so therapeutic for me.

Do you have any advice for women starting out in the industry?

Stay away from the industry. Not forever of course but in the beginning, find a band that will travel and play shows until you know who you are as an artist and until you have a group of people who will show up for you even when the industry won’t. Fans are the key to moving the needle. If people want you the industry won’t be able to say no. There’s power in numbers and grass roots.

Quick fire questions

The beach or the hills – Definitely hills

Chilli or chocolate – Chocolate

Beer or wine – Beer


Angaleena Presley will back in October to play at the Country Music Week in London.  For details go to