An Interview With Rising Pop Artist Nicolas McCoppin

An Interview With Rising Pop Artist Nicolas McCoppin

Nicolas McCoppin is an emerging LGBTQ pop artist who is taking the world by storm. His latest single “Ur Love” topped out at #25 on VEVO’s Incoming Pop Playlist and was hailed as “Bound To Be A Hit”. With only two singles release thus far, McCoppin has amassed an exceptional audience for his accepting electro-pop musical space. With a new single on the way in early June, we wanted to get the inside scoop on his music, his viral video “Ur Love” and a tease to what is to come.

Tell us about the inspiration behind “Ur Love”.

“Ur Love” was such a fun song and video to make. The lyrics of the song are sort-of my lighthearted take on the hookup culture in the LGBTQ+ community and how common it is. When it came time for the music video, I had a really clear idea in my head. I wanted to put my own spin on that bubblegum pop pink aesthetic that I love so much but with a storyline. It was also really important for me to cast a gay man for the role of my love interest. That’s where David Granados came in and he was so much fun to work with! I had the best team of directors (Ericka Paparella and Mhaya Polacco) who helped me bring my vision to life. It’s definitely my favorite music video I’ve done thus far.  

What’s your favorite lyrical line in the single?

The lyrics of “Ur Love” are all based in a complete fantasy. My favorite lyric has to be the opening line, “I saw you staring from across the club”. I say that because that’s kinda the lyric that inspired the whole song. I’ve been in that “club-type” situation before but never acted on my feelings haha! So I wanted to really fully go with the one-night-stand fantasy.

Can you share how the imagery of the video reflects the song? How does it reflect you as an artist?

The imagery was so much fun to bring to life. A lot of times in the writing and production part of making a song, I’ll see colors. And this song screamed pink to me. I really had my heart set on the bubblegum pop pink aesthetic with this video. We went all the way out with the heart-shaped bathtub glowing pink, candy hearts, the cake, the red phone, etc. The details of this video were the most challenging but fun to pull off. I think this video really reflects some of my musical inspirations. I grew up on the pop music of the 2010s and I feel like the visuals of this video really showcase that.

What message do you hope your music ultimately conveys to fans?

The inclusion aspect (the gay love story) of this release was important to me and I hope it came across! Growing up, music (especially pop music) was my escape from everything. I had a really rough high school experience and music always made me so happy even at some of my lowest points as a teenager. Even if I can be that escape/distraction for just one person, that means everything to me.

What can fans expect next?

It’s definitely been a challenge planning releases in the world of Covid-19 but I’m managing haha!  My new single is coming very very soon (at the end of Spring) and I think it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever done. All of the single’s that I’ve released so far are a part of my debut EP. The EP has a strong theme around it and I’m so excited to share the next piece of the puzzle so soon!

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