An Interview With Jacob Dixon On Finding His Place

Singer-Songwriter Jacob Dixon is an emerging artist from North Carolina who walks the line between indie-folk and indie-rock, creating a unique style that is all his own. His latest single “Find My Place” finds Dixon in more of the indie-rock space as his pop-punk angst takes over in the yearning to find his place in the world. We sat down with Dixon to learn more about his single, upcoming album, and what he’s got planned next.

Tell us about the meaning behind “Find My Place”. What inspired you to write this song?

The past few years growing into my adult self, I have wanted to find the place where I fit in – specifically career-wise.  I wrote this after a job layoff.  I see other people that look like they’ve found a job they are passionate about and come alive in.  I think that would be amazing if everyone could find something like that – but it doesn’t always happen.. so this was my way of saying I hope it does.

What’s your favorite lyrical line in the single? Why?

There’s a line in there, “Your face has changed and the way you wear your shade is brand new”  I wrote it and immediately wanted to change it, but my producer encouraged me to keep it.  I was talking about people that you don’t see in a long time. People grow up and look different – ‘wear your shade’ was referring to just having a different style of hat/clothing- but could also be taken in the sense of throwing shade. Some people have a different attitude/demeanor about them as time goes on and become cynical towards others.

“Find My Place” has a very indie-rock sound, but your other music is categorized as indie-folk. How do you alternate between the 2 genres?

I grew up loving a lot of rock music but have primarily written songs on acoustic guitar up until recently. I wrote this one on electric and I think that shows in how it turned out. I obviously love slower, indie-folk music still but wanted to explore a higher energy style that I grew up listening to.

This single is from your upcoming EP Lionheart, what can you share about the new EP?

This EP comes from a time where I have reflected a lot on childhood and looked forward into adulthood. The songs hit on a few topics that I think a lot of us experience as we figure out who we are becoming.  A couple of those topics being: fitting in, not wanting to miss out on life, what our beliefs are, and remaining true to who we are as kids.

What message do you hope that “Find My Place” brings to fans? How do you hope they resonate with it?

I hope people don’t feel alone when they don’t have everything figured out. Particularly career-wise, what life stage they’re in, or relational status. I certainly am far from figuring it out – I don’t know if I ever will.