An Inside Look into Jon Roniger’s World

Jon Roniger & The Good For Nothin’ Band announced the release of their music video “My World” just weeks before heading out on a 12 date European tour.

The New Orleans band is known for their honestly relatable lyrics – about both the good and hard things in life – and their groovy, bluesy, jazzy style that makes dancing seem irresistible. “My World” is a rather personal song for the band’s lead singer – Jon Roniger – as it is a picture painted from his life…. and something that many can relate to. Focusing on the topic of addiction, and being able to recover from it, Roniger lightheartedly shares his story through bluesy lyrics and groovy riffs and hopes to connect with others going through the same thing. Read below to hear Roniger’s inside perspective on the single and what is coming next for the New Orleans band.

Tell us about “My World” – what inspired the lyrics and songwriting of this song?

I wrote this song during a period when I was just getting sober from years of drug and alcohol abuse. Songwriting has always been a way for me to work through life’s problems. I consider myself lucky to have a positive release. For years, I used drugs and alcohol to help self-medicate. This song, and many others, was a way to release the pressure valve…almost like a living, breathing therapy session.

What’s your favorite lyrical line?

“You see my body, but my mind is nowhere” basically describes the out-of-body feeling of early sobriety when you no longer feel like yourself and the person you want to be has not emerged from the darkness. I also like the bridge “help get me out of here and I’d give you anything”. Sort of one of the first steps of the twelve step program…..surrender!

How does this song reflect your music as a whole?

Lyrically, I like to speak to real life and the beauty that is being alive. Of course this includes the pain, but hey, got to feel the low to feel the high! Musically, I am moving toward and funk/groove/blues type of vibe. I’d like to have people dancing even if the subject matter is not “happy”. After all, we’re just trying to have a good time.

You’re gearing up for a European tour – what is it like to be able to share your music around the world?

I LOVE being able to bring my music around the world. Even if that means regional touring. I love going to a strange city or town and getting on stage and having people enjoy the songs we play. It’s a lot to ask for people to hear something new. We have a lot going on in our band with horn parts and solos and lyric rich content. The fact that Europe seems to embrace us is so interesting to me as English is not their first language and yet, that really appreciate what we bring. It’s extremely encouraging to see young and old people at our shows and all of them taking something away from the gig. I think that Europe still wants to hear authenticity. I think they all have an affinity for New Orleans and we definitely bring that character with us both musically and in each of our individual musical styles. 

What can fans expect next?

We are focusing on releasing singles for the next six to nine months. We are tracking again in Nashville next week and again in January here in New Orleans. My goal is a steady flow of new material being released to the world as we get ready for the 2020 Festival season. We’ll be back in Europe in the Summer of 2020 and another regional run in the Spring. I’m always writing and the band plays enough regular local gigs that we get material under our belts very quickly. It’s about a constant push forward and hopefully, with some luck and hard work, upward!

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