Aaron Watson – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Aaron Watson is one of the most successful independent Country artists around. GIGsoup caught up with the artist on his recent trip to the UK and talked Texas, love and his new album ‘Vaquero’

Welcome to the UK. It is great to see you.  Tell us what you enjoy about being here.

This is the fourth tour of the UK.  We love traveling throughout the county, we love the people. It’s a real joy to be so far from home and see friendly faces singing along to the songs.

Tell us how your new album ‘Vaquero’ is a reflection of the season of life you find yourself in now.

All those songs have been inspired by everyday life, but something I read or something that’s happened to me. From this point on, I really just try to write songs that hit close to home.  There are love songs, there’s some songs about heartaches I’ve had. I try to give the fans something they can relate to and that’s very real and honest.

There does seem to be a romantic thread through this collection of songs.  The title track is an epic tale of lost love. ‘Run Wild Horses’ is for your wife. What’s the biggest love lesson you can remember?

You know, I think the love lesson would have to be my mum and dad. Their love story is not so glamorous, but it’s just always present.  There have been hard times, but they never gave up on each other. That’s a love story we can all relate to a little more so than some Hollywood story. I think that’s rare. The example they set for me when I was growing up, that would be the first love story I can remember.

Tell us about your process when making a new record. (You’ve done ten so far..)

I write and do little demos, and come up with little guitar licks, stuff like that. If I like the demo I’ll move into the next phase, work on the songs some more. But, once you get all the musicians, the whole band in, that’s when the song can take on a whole new life. That’s sometimes where the magic happens and it gets really exciting.

People love ‘The Underdog’, what are memories of recording that particular album?

I got to record with legendary producer Keith Stegall. I just remember feeling like this album had something kind of special to it, without any anticipation of it eventually charting No1 and becoming the first independent album to do that. It was just a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the entire process. That whole time frame, from writing those songs, recording them, releasing them will always be really special time in my career.  It started the next phase.

What are your hopes for you career and the songs you have given to the world?

I just hope to keep writing songs that my fans can enjoy. Songs that help them get through their day. That’s what I hope for as a writer.  As a father, I hope to make enough to take care of my wife and kids. Just regular ‘dad’ or regular ‘guy’ things.

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As summed up in the song ‘Daughters and Diamonds’

Absolutely!  That was for my little girl.

You were born and raised in Texas, how has it continued to inspire you?

Texas is bigger than many countries. To drive from the bottom of the state to top of Texas, takes the same time as it does to get from the top of Texas to Canada. It’s just a big place, a lot of culture. It’s just home. It’s were my mom lives. It’s where I belong.

If you had to pick the albums that really shaped your musical journey, what would it be?

Not that the first decade wasn’t important, but I feel like I spent the last records finally figuring out who I am as an artist.  So, ‘Vaquero’ and ‘The Underdog’ album, if I had to start, it’s nice to start right there.

Even now, I feel like I’m just starting as an artist. I’m so excited about writing and recording. Just trying to be the best singer I can be, the best performer and writer I can be.

Also, growing up, I loved all the old Guy Clark records, he’s a great songwriter.

Quick Fire questions

Road House or Road Trip – Road House

Faith or Hope – Both, faith is hope

Red Rose or Yellow Rose – Yellow Rose of Texas

Tacos or Tequila – Tacos. Some people would say both

Lee Ann Rimes or Lee Ann Womack – Lee Ann Womack

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