Talk us through the story behind your debut single ‘Skin / Veil Me Part 2’

The single track is a continuation from the first half of the song ‘skin’ which can be heard in our music video ‘skin / veil me’ The protagonist hides from their sobering reality, cloaking themselves in the night of the city. This song is a lullaby to the party revellers, late night workers and fellow nocturnal wanderers who become a wondrous veneer from the protagonists bleak actuality. 

You have also released a music video alongside the release, what was your creative process with this?

We really wanted a collaboration between videographer and dancer as opposed to just a video that is stuck on top of the music. We worked with both artists for a while on the song and key features. Both had put so much into the creation that it actually transformed the way we played ‘Skin / Veil Me’ in the recording-evolving the song dynamically and emotionally. We worked with the fabulous Joe Collinson (videographer) and spell bounding Sophie Hutchinson (dancer)

Tell us about your journey and how you came together as Muriel & Blazquez

Lizzy- I met Lily after only an hour of moving to Leeds to study at LCoM. We became good friends and have been for 7 years. We had both found a stalemate with writing creatively. In different situations, we both had people controlling and stopping our honest voice. 2 years ago, we went for a coffee and spoke about how we would love to break out of this and start writing and even performing the music that we really want to write. We made a pact to write music and eventually book a gig. Later that day, it turned out that Lily had taken the pact very seriously and had booked a gig for us only 2 months later. We started writing that evening and continued from there.

When did you both start song-writing and what is your writing process together?

Lily- I began writing just before university. I was always shy of my own voice and felt that it was best to do as I was told or follow what others would want from me. Writing was always for the other and became a laborious task that had me filled with anxiety and concern for what was expected of me. When starting M&B I made a decision to write songs about personal experience, the fears, anxieties and situations that had made me who I am today. I was very nervous to show Lizzy at first but for the first time, I felt happy to open my heart and share my experiences with someone who had zero negative judgement towards my words. I now write weekly and have a lot more confidence in my own voice and thoughts about the world. They may not be the general consensus but they are mine and they are valid.

Lizzy-I started writing actual songs not long before we started writing together. From the age of 9 I regularly wrote for piano and orchestra, compositions which I was lucky enough to have performed however as I got older my creative and physical voice was discouraged so I eventually stopped writing altogether. In the meantime I continued to focus on studying classical piano, it took 4 years and some very supportive teachers and friends for I began writing again. The best thing about writing with a friend is you very rarely need to explain what a song is about when you bring them a new idea, which makes it a lot less scarier to be honest. Songs often come from conversations we have had with each other and usually inspired by literature and our own lives.

Do you have any advice to other women in music?  

Support the women/ non-binary/ non-cis creatives around you. Whether that is going to your nearest venue regularly, making sure you buy from local artists instead of big companies or encourage people trying to make their way doing the thing they love. A supportive community is the most important thing of all. Also a useful thing we find is to frequently tell ourselves ‘no more shame’. Shame is what makes us quiet, stops us from going after new opportunities, stops us from being loud, bold and our true honest selves.