Cloudy - Exclusive GIGsoup Interview
Cloudy - Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Cloudy – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

This Cloudy article was written by Zoe Anderson, a GIGsoup contributor. Lead photo by Real.Eyez.Ation Photography

To say that rap is still alive and well would be an understatement. The UK hip-hop landscape is now as diverse and wide as its bigger American cousin with elements of jazz, funk and trap permeating in from all sides. Claudio Elliston (Cloudy) is a north London rapper who embodies a unique flare for strange beats and thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics. He’s been active on the performance circuit for the last two years and has released two EPs in the same time.

He has just released his new music video ‘Worth A Thousand Pictures’, the title track from his new EP of the same name. The video is wonderfully DIY and presents the twenty-four year old rapper as an artist totally invested in his own work. GIGsoup spoke to Cloudy about the track and accompanying video…

Hi Claudio! Tell me a little bit about yourself

Hi! I’m Cloudy, I’m a rapper living in London. I would say I’m just trying to push out my music really. I wouldn’t really say I have one type of rap that I do. People ask you “what kind of rapper are you” but I like to try and keep it varied. I like to sit down with the lyrics and focus on them.

When did you start releasing/ preforming? And how many releases have you had?

Start of 2013/2014. I’ve released two EPs so far; ‘And Then You’re Gone’ and ‘Worth A Thousand Pictures’. Both are full length EPs.

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Have you found that both the EPs have been received positively?

All the reception I had was generally positive. Now I’m just focusing on getting more people to hear it.

Tell me about your new video for ‘Worth A Thousand Pictures’, the title track of your most recent EP. Talk me through how you made it and what the inspiration was behind it.

So the song is about how I’m trying to get my name out there and trying to push my music. So the video is along a similar line to that.

I made one thousand CDs….

1000 CDS?!

Yes, it was a long process. I was originally going to get them made up professionally but I thought that the whole concept of the song is a ‘DIY sort of vibe’. *laughs*.  So I did it, it took me a while. After that I just went out and handed them out and did some busking. There was one camera filming me and another capturing the reactions of people to getting the CDs. The second camera operator we used had never filmed anything before! But he came through with some really nice stuff.

Are you happy with the way it turned out?

I would say this is the most professional video that I’ve put out so far.  In terms of sonically, what it sounds like and how it looks. My other favourite one was ‘Dream Catcher’ which is the first video that I ever made. It’s hard to compare them. They’re both very different.

Are you the one thinking up the video ideas?

I always come up with the ideas. Of course I’m up for suggestions of course. I think a lot of rappers are good musicians but their videos lack substance and don’t really add anything new to the song. I like having the whole package.

Thank you so much for talking to GIGsoup! Where can our readers catch you preforming in the not too distant future?

I have a lot of stuff planned but it all needs to be co-ordinated. Keep an eye on my social media for details.

‘Worth A Thousand Pictures’ is available here, via self-release.

Keep an eye on Cloudy’s social media for further details about future performances.