With just over three weeks to go until people take to the Cheltenham hills for yearly 2000trees Festival, we asked the one-man-mission Grumble Bee (or also known as Jack Bennett) a few quick questions about the festival and his big slot with his live band – which is also set to be the first set of the weekend.

So – you’re on the bill for this years 2000trees Festival. How do you feel about being added to this years incredible line-up?

Yeah, I’m really excited to be opening the festival this year! It’s such a great atmosphere and full of great upcoming and alternative type bands, so I’m absolutely chuffed I’m on the line-up

What does 2000trees mean to you? 

Well, it’s a chance to perform to a bunch of pretty like-minded people I guess, at the very least. It seems to be full of people who are into or like similar sort of alt/rock type of bands, that I’d personally be into as well – so I’m hoping they’re into my stuff too. I can’t wait to be involved again this year, and fingers crossed it’s a great year for the whole team involved too!

Whats your favourite element about the festival

Last year was the first time I’ve actually seen a lot of people singing along to my songs, which was really weird – and I specifically remember having to focus on what I was actually singing because I was looking at people singing my lyrics! Hah – I usually go off on one sometimes live, but I felt a pretty strong atmosphere of “sing-alongs” – so I wanted to make sure people could enjoy it!!

I also saw a dog just wandering around with his owner and a couple of babies with ear-defenders on, so I knew it was my kind of festival from the get go.

Are you planning on watching any other artists/bands whilst there? 

Yeah I’m definitely planning on sticking around, for at least the first couple days. I’m actually playing an unplugged set at “Camp Reuben” around half 11pm, after opening the festival around 2pm-ish on the Thursday. I’m definitely keen to check out all the bands on the cave stage and across the way at the axiom – as everything is so closely situated, it’s really easy to get around and just go ahead and watch something you might not have originally planned to see – so I’m all for that, this year too.

Is there anyone that inspires you on this year’s line-up? 

I’d like to check out Straight Lines, Frank Carter, Jamie Lenman & Young Guns, right off the bat – but there’s a ton of others throughout the festival, it just depends how long I can actually stay there for. The team involved behind putting on the festival, are the biggest inspiration though honestly – and not to sound weird or anything – but the fact they put the whole festival together out of feeling like they could do it themselves for multiple reasons – that’s enough for me, to be inspired for the festival. And the kind of bands they put on year after year shows that it’s class. Just put on bands you’re personally into and not “to sell tickets” – I love the attitude and the atmosphere speaks volumes for that too!

Why should everyone come and check out your set at the festival?  

I’d love for people to come and watch the set this year, as the tent is absolutely massive and I’ll finally have some room to run around like crazy. Pretty much all I do at home – apart from studio or animal-related activities – is running, in preparation for live gigs, so I can’t wait. 

Also.. because it’s really hard to get signal there, so people will know where I’ll be from 2pm til 2.30pm.. so we can catch up and things!! 


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