Eagulls - "Nerve Endings" - GIGsoup "Track of the Day"
Eagulls - "Nerve Endings"

Track of the Day : Eagulls – “Nerve Endings”

“Nerve Endings” is the new single by excellent Leeds band Eagullsand is deservedly todays GIGsoup “Track of the Day”. “Nerve Endings” is set for a 30th September 2013 release, by Partisan Records, and a cover version of Killing Joke’s Requiem will feature on the B-side.

The making of the video managed to cause quite a bit of commotion in their hometown of Leeds. The premise was simple enough … make a video that represents the anxiety of what the song is all about. In the minds of Eagulls, this would be best conveyed through the filming of a decaying pig’s brain bought from the local butchers. What they didn’t count on was their street being cordoned off, their front door being kicked in and the house being raided by the police.

Lead singer George Mitchell said, “Some guy had come round to sort the gas out as we hadn’t paid the bill. He’d gone downstairs, seen there was some kind of brain rotting and called the coppers”.

What transpires is that the gasman had reported what he believed to be some sinister filming to the police and later that afternoon they came round to investigate. The police set up a cordon and, upon discovering no one was in, broke down the door to inspect the property. What’s more, the band were oblivious to this raid until the bands drummer Henry Ruddell came back to the house later that day to discover the lock to the front door had been changed and for the mechanics at the garage opposite to fill him in on the afternoons events.

The debut album is expected out in early 2014. The band have been touring with the equally impressive Merchandise and are now on a UK wide tour of their own. The remaining dates are…


September 19th 2013 – LONDON Birthdays

September 21st 2013 – LEEDS Millright Street Practice Rooms

September 30th 2013 – LONDON Banquet Records

October 5th 2013 – NOTTINGHAM Chameleon

October 11th 2013 – NORWICH Sound & Volume Festival

October 12th 2013 – BRISTOL Simple Things Festival


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