Welsh rock band Doppelgänger are today sharing their new video for track ‘Comfort You’
Doppelgänger are today sharing their new video for track ‘Comfort You’

Wrexham’s Doppelgänger share new video

Wrexham alt-rock quartet Doppelgänger are today sharing their new video for track ‘Comfort You’, the b-side to their latest single ‘Hate The Things You Love’. See full video above.

Comfort You is our take on an aggressive love song where we tried to essentially fit in as much of ‘us’ as possible, in terms of loud riffs to quiet slower parts, harmonies, screams and STOPS!” says hyper front man Dom Simms.

“Lyrically I’d probably say it’s about that part after a break up where you be like ‘Bitch, I don’t need you anymore!’” he laughs mischievously, before adding “Sorry. Essentially though, it is.”

We love recording, playing shows, hiring vans and all other things BAND” the singer continues enthusiastically ”The other side of us is working full time in order to pay for doing all things BAND which sucks BIG time. Work relations consist of phones, newspaper adverts, picture frames and baguettes. Band relations consist of F*CKING RIFFS and laughing lots.

For a small band from Wrexham with no touring experience, Doppelgänger are getting a lot of people hot under the collar already – something we can imagine continuing when they unleash more material and tour dates in 2014.

Doppelgänger are…

Dom Simms – vocals guitar

Dan Davies – guitar

Carl Bowes – bass

Kieran Williams – drums


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