Crystal Stilts - Nature Noir
The song comes sees Crystal Stilts, AKA, Brad Hargett (vocals,) JB Townsend (guitar,) Andy Adler (bass,) Keegan Cooke (drums) and Kyle Forester (keys) return with a heart-pounding, invigorating new sound.

Crystal Stilts return with new single ‘Delirium Tremendous’

Following the success of their album ‘Nature Noir’ last year, New Yorkers Crystal Stilts are back with an incredible new single ‘Delirium Tremendous’, which is available digitally now through Sacred Bones Records.

Guitarist JB Townsend of the band explains…

The song is, in my mind, a real quintessential Stilts track. It also acts as a fulcrum from our last record, which is relatively delicate, to our next record that will be more rocking. It’s representative of our style without sounding like a copy of previous songs. It really takes a deeper look into 1970’s New York punk traditions, complete with actual garbage can percussion. The bridge is a near death taking you half way into heaven or hell, but then life takes you back to the city.

Brad Hargett (vocals) further writes, “‘Delirium Tremendous’ is not just a play on delirium tremens, but Mysterium Tremendum, and the song is about basically the fact that those types of unifying, numinous states are usually reached through a delirium of some kind. I have this weird old book/pamphlet of chants and prayers, where there’s lots of repetition of whatever/whomever is being addressed. So it’s meant to be just like a chant or prayer. A formula.

Delirium Tremendous’, is available digitally now through Sacred Bones Records.

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