The Writers and Bloggers portal is your first stop shop for publishing all news, reviews and feature articles. You can also add or select albums you’d like to review and even search our database of worldwide current gigs. If you’d like to review / photograph one then you simply select the date and the PR company are automatically notified of your interest. It really could not be more straightforward. 

This is a growing area of the portal. We are adding next features and concepts each week to ensure you’re able to simply concentrate on writing and reviewing and we take care of the administration.

PR and Record Companies really do have a wealth of options to choose from here. The PR Portal offers you the opportunity to add ALL of your current news items (new music, albums, EPs, tour dates etc) as well as advertising interview slots and upcoming gigs you’d like covered. Also, don’t forget that your all of your news items are shared via our Social Media platforms.

You can even add your artists latest album releases to our database which will in-turn notify all of our relevant writers. You an then work with them to source a digital link and “Hey Presto” you have a review!

This area really is growing by the week so keep re-visiting for access to new feature items.

Signed, unsigned, or just starting out? Let us help you get the recognition you deserve. The GIGsoup Artists and Bands Portal has a HUGE range of features you can submit to gain exposure and a growing fanbase. 

Also, feel free to share your news releases. If you have a new track, EP, album or upcoming tour then share the information here. 

We’re in the process of adding new feature items so please keep re-visiting to see if there is something here that can help you jump to the next level.

This time next year you could be headlining Glastonbury

Venues and festival organisers, from all over the world, we welcome you to the GIGsoup Portal. If you have any forthcoming events then please feel free to post details of them here. If you’d like a GIGsoup writer to attend an event to review / photograph it then there is also an option to add it here.