Wrong Festival ‘In Their Own Words’ – Gravves

Hailing from North Wales, noise rockers Gravves released their debut EP ‘Rattle’ via WRONG Festival organisers Loner Noise just last year but have gained a solid reputation for their ferocious live performances in that short time. If you tune into BBC Radio 6 and Kerrang! on a regular basis, you may already have encountered their singles ‘Tribes’ and ‘My Pet Rihanna’. Building upon this momentum, the trio will be releasing a follow-up EP titled ‘Oh, The Joy’ later this month (also via Loner Noise). In the third of our series of interviews with the WRONG Festival line-up, we spoke to Gravves about their upcoming appearance at the festival.

For someone who may never have come across you before, how would you describe your music? And if you could recommend them one of your songs which one would it be?

We’re a noisy trio playing music that’s been described as punk and grunge in equal measures. There’s hints of other stuff in there too, but it’s definitely the sort of thing you can move to. We’d recommend starting at our new single ‘Hello Sailor’, or ‘My Pet Rihanna’ from our first EP.

Who or what have been the biggest influences on your sound?

We’ve picked up things as we’ve gone along from years of being on the music scene. Playing with other decent bands really helps you step it up a game. To give an example, we played with Yonaka a while ago who are doing quite big things now. Though we’re completely different bands, just seeing them kill it made us look at what we do too. We’ve always been outsiders though, which is just the way we like it. Our roots are in stuff like Queens of the Stone Age, Future of the Left, Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.

How well do you know Liverpool and what’s the best thing about the city?

The people. It’s the most friendly city in the world, and our second home. I think that’s why Wrong Festival just works – it’s unpretentious, everyone wants each other to do well and have a good time. You can barely walk 5 minutes through a venue without bumping into someone you could talk to for hours.

There are multiple of festivals for artists from the ‘freakscene’ across Europe, do you see the development of something similar happening in the UK?

It’s not like anything we’ve ever played before, so to us it’s the epicentre of this scene. Michael has such a drive and passion for it, and it really pulled off. It’s a great example of something being done well from the ground up, so hopefully other people will take inspiration from it and we’ll see more of this sort of thing.

What’s your favourite festival memory, either as an artist or a fan?

As a band, it’s probably last year’s festival! We were setting up in the North Shore Troubador. I think Salt The Snail were supposed to be on before us, but unfortunately had to cancel. So the room was completely empty. We figured it might be one of those gigs… but 10 minutes before we played people swarmed in. The same thing happened that year at Focus Wales in Wrexham. It blew our minds. It felt like the start of something.

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Apart from yourselves, who would you recommend people see at WRONG Festival?

Everyone! But especially Future of the Left, we love them. Plus Elevant, SPQR, Salt The Snail… the whole lineup basically.

Why should festival goers take time out to come and see you play? What can they expect from your live set at WRONG?

It’s our first gig in support of ‘Oh, The Joy’, our new EP released on 27th April – a day before the festival. We’re itching to play and we’ve got a set prepared especially for it. It’s gonna be a riot!

You can hear more music by Gravves over at Bandcamp. They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

The second edition of WRONG Festival will take place across three performances spaces at Invisible Wind Factory, North Shore Troubadour and Drop the Dumbulls on Saturday 28th April 2018. Tickets are available here for a very reasonable £20 (discounted advance).