Welcome to Another World with Psychedelic Circus 2017

There is an idiosyncratic fascination with the realm of circus and its captivating array of theatric performers, exotic menagerie, strange oddities that cause one to gawk and gasp, and riveting daredevil acts. Such acts include Charles Blondin, the agile acrobat famous for his heart-pounding, high wire heroics, including the time he tightroped across Niagara Falls carrying a stove and cooking utensils, stopping midway to cook an omelet and serve breakfast to his audience on the boat below. Or Isaac Van Amburgh, the renowned lion tamer of the 19th century who notoriously soaked his arm or head in blood before fearlessly thrusting it between the gaping jaws of a lion or tiger for the grand finale.

Welcome to the otherworldly domain of Psychedelic Circus, a vast adventure playground in Northern Germany that distinctly fuses the flamboyantly bizarre, eccentric, and wondrous world of circus with psychedelic music and culture. Founded in 1999, Psychedelic Circus blurs the boundaries between arena and audience, fact and fiction, and day and night, creating a unique, special experience that aims to bring people together through a marvelous extravaganza of psychedelic music, stunning psychedelic art installations designed by 3Delica of Russia, and fantastically skillful entertainers.

Last year’s lineup featured spectacular international and local acts, who created a dance floor explosion with their killer sets. Amongst these fine artists were Azax, Berg, Blastoyz, Bliss, Bubble, Ghost Rider, Indra, Loud, Pop Art, Ranji, Sesto Sento, Upgrade, Vini Vici, Xerox, and Z-Cat.

For 2017, the lineup is equally massive, showcasing 67 acts spanning 15 countries with a range of psy trance and progressive trance, including 1200 Micrograms, Bizzare Contact, Claudinho Brasil, Digicult, GMS, Hi Profile, Major7, Morten Granau, Neelix, Phaxe, Reality Test, Royal Flush, Skazi, Upgrade, and X-Noize. The full lineup is detailed below in the Psychedelic Circus poster.

This year, Psychedelic Circus open air festival takes place from 1-5 June in scenic Göhlen, Germany. If arriving from Hamburg or Berlin, take a train to Ludwigslust, where a shuttle will take you from the train station to the venue for 5€. You can also arrange a tour bus through GoaExpress, Feierreissen, or HardTours.

Presale tickets for the 5 day event are available here and include camping, so all you need is camping gear. If you’re unable to bring your own, camping equipment is available from Utopia Camping or you can rent a tipi in the fenced Festipi Village. An abundance of food and drink options are offered onsite.

Welcome to Another World with Psychedelic Circus 2017