Wakizashi Festival : Interview with Knifeworld

Wakizashi Festival : Interview with Knifeworld

Wakizashi is a new Bristolian festival. Co-produced by promoter Probo Titans and Harry ‘Iceman’ Furniss, the duo aim to bring together music that pushes the boundaries of musicality and composition. GIGsoup caught up with Kavus Torabi of Knifeworld to find out more about their future plans and what brought them to play at Wakizashi.

You’re headlining Wakizashi tonight- what led up to you playing here?

A friend of ours asked us to play, so we said yes! We didn’t know anything about it until we were booked. We didn’t play Bristol on our last tour and we love playing Bristol-so it’s pretty much that.

You’ve brought out a new album this year and played ArcTanGent festival- how’s the year been?

Amazing- the best- each year gets better I think. The tour we went on to support the new album was the most fun. We just wish there were a few more dates on it, but the shows we did were just fantastic. I think we’ve been playing better than we ever have and we recorded the London show at Bush Hall, so we’ll put out a live record of that. So, this year has been very exciting.

So what else is in the pipeline?

We’re rereleasing our first two albums, putting them out on vinyl. We’ll be making a new record next year I think- just usual band stuff really.

How are you finding the experimental psychedelic scene? Do you have any hot tips for bands you’ve enjoyed?

Well it seems that all the same bands are doing lots of brilliant stuff. I don’t think we’re part of any scene really- I think that all times in music are exciting times- it feels just as exciting as it’s always done.

Where do you see Knifeworld going next? Do you have any specific directions you’re exploring at the moment?

The next record’s going to be very different. That’s all I’m going to say for the moment, we have some strong ideas I think.

Can we expect a surprise?

It won’t be a surprise, but it’s definitely something unlike we’ve done before.

If you could choose a fantasy venue to play in, what would it be?

I’d rather like us to play Japan. I’ve got a good feeling about us and Japan!

If you could harness any one sound in the world, what would it be?

Well that’s all about the next album! Ask us in a year’s time and we’ll see if we got there or not. It’s going to be the most righteous record we’ve done, however nebulous a term that might be!Wakizashi Festival - 4 acts not to miss : Iyabe