Tramlines Festival – GIGsoup's acts not to miss : Bang Bang Romeo

Tramlines Festival – GIGsoup’s acts not to miss : Bang Bang Romeo

And so, with exactly a month to go until until this years Tramlines Festival in Sheffield, GIGsoup have selected a group of artists we feel you simply shouldn’t miss. 

BANG BANG ROMEO are a band very much on the lips of music journalists the breadth of the country – already play-listed by the likes of Radio1 and Radio X and with a likeable nod from online publications including Louder Than War and NME. Unleashing a unique brand of dark, emotive, 60’s inspired rock ‘n’ roll the band have already graced the stages of the Isle of Wight and Dot to Dot festivals.

With a Mainstage slot at this years Tramlines Festival opening up for Catfish and The Bottlemen along with slots at Y-not, Beat herder and numerous other festivals we thought it about time we spoke to the band about their rapid rise to fame. Joel from the band was on hand to discuss the hometown appearance at Tramlines amongst other things…

Summarise your sound in one sentence

Holy Preaching Nectar! We’ve no idea what it means either but legendary Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey used it to describe us and it’s just stuck ever since! 

How do you feel about playing at the biggest and most sprawling Tramlines Festival yet?

We are super excited as its our hometown festival! There’s a nice little story in this as well because just three short years ago we opened up for a little know band called Catfish and the Bottlemen over at Soyo for Tramlines to about 100 people…. 3 years on and we are opening up for them on the Mainstage! it’s amazing to see how the Festival, Catfish and ourselves have all grown over the last few years! 

Theres some great hidden gem venues dotted around Sheffield – have you got any fond past memories in the Steel City?

The Rocking Chair is a venue we will always hold close to our hearts, Proper Rock ‘n’ Roll, Sweaty, intimate, in your face. We’ve had numerous special nights down there playing for This Feeling with the likes of Reverend And The Makers and every single time its been monumental. That small venue is so important and a right of passage for so many touring acts first foray into Sheffield. 

Arctic Monkeys or Pulp?

You can’t do that! That’s like Hendo’s or gravy?! Can’t we have both?! I mean Jarvis is effortlessly cool and Pulp penned some absolute classics, but its got to be The Monkeys. They’ve never released a bad song and the output is so prolific and different from album to album, always progressing. The Monkeys soundtracked all of our misspent youths so it’s always going to swing it for them.  

Whats been your favourite past gig, and why?

We’ve just come back from Playing The Isle Of Wight Festival on The Big Top and we’ve got to say that was just out of this world for us. The stage was huge and to play one of the most prestigious festivals in the world on second stage was just something we’ve always dreamed about. That was our first taste of things at that very top level and it’s made us hungrier than ever now to take this all the way.

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What was the most surreal moment in your musical career?

I think most surreal up there with Isle Of Wight would have to be playing Dot to Dot Festival recently, it’s across three different cities in Nottingham, Manchester and Bristol. When you are travelling around like that you have no idea what the turnout is going to be like but all three venue’s were packed out and we even has a mass stage invasion in Nottingham! I think that’s the first time we’ve had people singing our songs back at us outside of London and local shows. It felt really special, really like that start of something. 

What music is getting you excited at the moment?

Jack Rocks & This Feeling had a stage at Isle Of Wight Festival and the talent on show was just phenomenal. Hidden Charms, Paves and Hello Operator in particular were just immense. If anyone tries telling you guitar music is dying, they are looking in the wrong places because all three of these acts are just phenomenal to watch live, go out and see them immediately. 

What are your 3 festival essentials?

With the way the weather is shaping up so far this summer it has to be wellies first off, or even a canoe! On top of that its got to be resolve the ultimate hangover cure / morning lifeline and a quality pair of tinted sunglasses to hide those bags under they eyes. Can we sneak a forth? because you also MUST have glitter to help hide those groggy eyes also!  

Finally, what have you got in store for your performance in Sheffield this summer?

We’ve taken everything up a notch, a big stage needs a big performance! So Expect a big, loud theatrical extravaganza to blast away those Saturday hangovers! The vultures are coming!! 

Anything else you’d like to tell us before we set you free to entertain the sun-seekers and muso’s of Sheffield?

BANG BANG ROMEO have a brand new single “Invitation” coming out 30th July (you can hear it above).

Tramlines Festival – GIGsoup's acts not to miss : Bang Bang Romeo