Top 10 Must Sees at ‘Long Division 2018’

Long Division, after a year off in 2017 is returning to Wakefield’s city centre. The festival is going to be spanning 18 venues across the city, showing different types of music and workshops alike. The DIY gig will begin on Wednesday with some comedy sets later; the days following: Thursday, Friday and Sunday are all free entry, to all the sets. The heart of Long Division 2018 will see close to 100 performances and events take place across the city.

In addition to this, 90% of the Saturday sets will be free access as well – just some of the headline acts like Billy Bragg will require paid access.

1. Cattle and Cane

Quickly becoming one of the best loved acts out of Northern England, the soaring melodies from Cattle and Cane’s sophomore record, “Home” will shift even the hardest of hearts. Alongside this, the Teeside 5-piece bring the perfect mixture of pop-folk, accredited by some of the world’s greatest musicians, seeing air from Elton John on Beats 1 and Dermot O’Leary on BBC 2.

Set to play the paid event on the Saturday night at Long Division 2018, Cattle and Cane are an unmissable act, and if you can’t fit them into your line-up, then catch them on their tour alongside Nerina Pallot throughout summer 2018 across Britain.

2. Cape Cub

Cape Cub is a self-proclaimed icon to anyone aiming at the music industry, breaking into the scene with airplay from Radio 1 for his single ‘Swim’ – recorded in his mum’s loft… From which he has now gone on to support some class acts over the past year, including Clean Cut Kid and Fickle Friends.

His soothing lyrics and serenading vocals have gained a tidal wave of attention, with House musicians falling in love with his voice, which accentuates the room-filling powers this lads voice contains. A skill that normally takes years to truly come to terms with.

3. The Lovely Eggs

As an all-enthralling self-managed psych-punk band, a pretty underground genre, the Lovely Eggs manage to dominate crowds and gigs across the country, playing consistently sold-out tours across the UK, there is no way Long Division will see anything else this year. Even harking fashion looks back to the stylish days of Talking Heads you’re in for a class act.

The Northern England duo, live, play and breathe rock, and as it goes there is no better gig than one with a pulsating sense of the love of music the whole way through.

4. Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg the punk-folk legend who brought socialist ideas together to partner music, to represent a large section of unheard society, has had a resurgence. He is now considered a musical genius, and has found himself striking high across numerous festivals across the country, headlining ‘Long Division 2018’. Whether you are a die-hard 80s fan, or a lover of political folk music, Billy Bragg brings the showmanship and musical class to liven up any show worldwide, especially in a headlining role!

After collaborating with some of the music worlds ‘giants’ Billy Bragg has learnt from the very best, with one of his greatest albums starring ‘Wilco’, the next big thing on the folk scene, and of course the big hit single ‘A New England’ with the late Kirsty MacColl. He is surely going to make his mark at Long Division 2018.


Engine are a predominantly instrumentalist band, comprised of 4 class musicians, and tempt the senses with their well-tailored music and subtle vocals to calm any crowd. After a Lovely Eggs set it might be just what you need.

Taking inspiration from the classic mediums of music: guitar, bass, drums etc. Engine make sure to show that not only are they competent in this area, but can bring this new layered experience of looping and synth to show the full potential of the advancements in modern music, expect great things from these boys in the future!

6. Dark Dark Horse

Sharing clear similarities to the superb ‘Everything Everything’, Dark Dark Horse’s skilful synth use and well-polished vocals allow the duo to layer their music to appear totally organic and seemingly simplistic. The multi-instrumentalists have created a sound, unlike many others you will ever hear, mixing self-assured indie with glacial electronica, to prove that at any point during the set, something about the Leicester duo will catch your eye.

7. Marnie

Marnie, in a similar fashion to Cape Cub is an idol to aspiring musicians, but in a different fashion, as she followed a classical route, steeped in classical piano with a degree from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. She incorporated this classical grounding to go on to create the synth-pop 4 piece Ladytron.

Marnie, has plenty of solo experience, and will for sure set the tone as a musical genius on Long Division’s Saturday event.

8. CUD

CUD have seen it all, coming together in 1987 after finding a drum kit in the skip, they built up a comical yet devoted fan base across the north of England. Which led to a multitude of gigs, in which they covered their idols, Jethro Tull and Hot Chocolate, much to the audience’s satisfaction.

After hitting a more stable and respected status in the music industry, Cud can be seen now as a band with something very special, as they received coverage on John Peel’s sessions, a dream for most late 80s bands, that rarely came into fruition. Consequently, a set at Long division this year, will see a rip-roaring pure ‘rock n roll’ experience, from local Leeds 4-piece Cud.

9. Broads

Broads have been described at their finest and most panoramic in recent years, with soothing electronica flowing to entice any crowd. After releasing their debut record, “Field Theory” in Mid-February 2018, the self-proclaimed Norwich electronica collective, are on the up, with plenty of lively beats to excite Wakefield in 2018.

10. Write Place, Write Time

Lastly but by no means least, has to be the writing masterclass, led by Billy Bragg and Laura Snapes, it thoroughly interested me, as an opportunity to embrace and enhance the skills required for meaningful song/poetry writing. Music, that draws from meaningful personal experience always seems to go the farthest, and for anyone wanting to enter the realms that writing has to hold, being able to tame this skill for good, is an opportunity not to be missed.

Hosted by Chris Madden, the event will take place at Wakefield Town Hall, and he will be questioning the singer songwriter (Billy Bragg) and Guardian Journalist (Laura Snapes) about their respective careers for all to hear.