Tim Burgess from The Charlatans and band mate Mark Collins will be playing at the Tim Peaks Diner at Liverpool’s Sound City Festival. In the latest wave of line up announcements, 40 new acts have been added to the line up. A healthy contingent of new Liverpool bands includes Sugarmen, Zuzu, The Jackobins and Xam Volo.

Further additions from further afield include Yak, Cupids, Estrons, Slang and dance outfit Formation.

Sound City, ever committed to the promotion of new talent, have teamed up with the Unsigned Music Awards and have selected the following bands who have successfully applied to play:  Wuzi, Sleep Taking Rozelle, Barron, The Bongo Club, Barron, Wild Fruit Art Collective, Marvin Powell, Killason, The Barbarettes and Cleo T.

All in all the 10th anniversary year offering is shaping up rather nicely.

Tim Burgess joins Liverpool Sound City line-up

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