The Great Escape: ‘Seaside Retort’ – Big Wild

If the idea of a dance on the beach sounds like heaven, then look no further than Big Wild. The producer (formerly Jackson Stell) provides a welcoming burst of lively upbeat dance tracks that lift your spirits and move your body. His debut album Superdream was released in February 2019 and, as the title suggests, it is an otherworldly experience.

Tonight he brings his acclaimed live show to The Great Escape on its opening night. In preparation for his show at Coalition, GIGsoup’s Findlay Anderson caught up with Big Wild to see just what it is about the festival he is looking forward to the most, and all things Superdream.

Hi Big Wild! With a show at The Lexington in London, and a performance at Live at Leeds festival, as well as your slot at The Great Escape, this marks your first proper trek on British soil. How have you found your experience in the UK so far?

Things have been great so far. Someone said to me after a show the other day that they hadn’t danced that hard or listened to live music that made them feel positive in a while. It’s really cool to connect with people who might never had seen a show like mine before.

The Great Escape will also be your first show in Brighton. What are you looking forward to most about performing on the seafront?

I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about Brighton and The Great Escape. I’m stoked to see the beach. Hoping for some sunlight as well!

Your show on Thursday 9th at Coalition will celebrate your brilliant record ​Superdream​, released in February. What has been your favourite experience about releasing your debut album?

Hearing people in the crowd sing the new lyrics. These are some of the first songs I’ve really showcased my voice on, so to hear people sing along with me on stage is totally new and that connection is special.

Superdream​ is a colourful, exuberant record – one that is packed with positivity. How do you channel the energy of the album into the live show?

I’ve always brought a lot of energy to my shows so stepping it up for Superdream wasn’t too big of a difference for me. There’s something about being on stage that gives me a sense of freedom and excitement. Couple that adrenaline and I have all the energy I need. As for the positivity, that’s more a reflection of my personal outlook.

With your live show, you have toured some of the most lavish venues in the world, including Red Rocks. How do shows like the forthcoming set at a 500-capacity club like Coalition compare to the large-scale shows?

Scaling everything down in terms of production and the performers that play alongside me was a rewarding challenge. Things are simpler and more about performance since I’ve been in Europe and it’s refreshing. The intimacy of the shows and being able to easily talk with fans after the show has been nice too!

This year’s edition of The Great Escape features a great range of electronic artists, from Babii to Still Woozy. Are there any acts you are excited to see this week?

Honestly, I’m just going to wander and listen. I’ve been really impressed with the UK music scene so far so I’m excited to hear what new stuff I’ll hear.

Having played Live at Leeds last weekend and a set at The Great Escape
beckoning, festival season has well and truly arrived. Are there any festivals you are most looking forward to bringing your live show to? What summer plans do you have that you are most excited for?

I’m looking most forward to my Red Rocks show this late summer and giving people something special. There are a good amount of festivals I’m playing too throughout the US that I’m excited for. I also can’t wait to get back to writing new music.

Thanks Jackson, have a great time at the festival and an equally great summer!

The Great Escape starts today and continues through to Saturday 11th May 2019. Big Wild will play Coalition tonight (Thursday 9th) at 11:30pm. His debut album Superdream is out now.