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exmagician – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview from Leefest

GIGsoup found some time in the busy Leefest line-up on Friday to catch up with exmagician. James and Danny make up the duo who hail from Belfast. After an eventful year GIGsoup chatted about future plans, pulling the plug on bands they hate and how the group channel a bit of Milli Vanilli in their live set…

So you released your album, ‘Scan the Blue’ in March. You produced it yourselves- is that right? I know you certainly had a lot to do with the final sound?

Well we co-produced it with our friend, Rocky. We produced a lot of it at home and added guitar and drums in a professional studio.

You’re quite in charge of your overall sound aren’t you?

Oh yeah, definitely- we have a lot of keyboards and other toys at home to add.

It sounds like very lush and full…

I think that’s not knowing when to stop. We threw on a toothbrush solo- that does sound good! Rocky does kind of go, oh there’s too much going on! So we kind of make a mess and he can clean it up.

How do you translate that into your live sound?

Well, it’s a bit Milli Vanilli like! We just have a computer that plays along with us. Otherwise we’d need an eight piece band.

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How do you feel about playing Leefest?

Yeah, I’m really excited, I’ve never been here before. It should be fun. I’m excited about seeing Roots Manuva later. And we want to check out some new bands. We always want to stay longer, but we’re only here for a day. Yeah- we want to get home!

Are you going home, or are you going on to play more gigs?

No, we’re in London tomorrow for Standon Calling on Sunday. We need stamina- we’ll eat our greens and pace ourselves. Try not to drink too much.

So, 2016 has been a busy year with your album release and loads of festivals. What more is in store for this year?

This is the last weekend of it in summer. Well we have a few dates in Ireland in September, then we’re going to Germany for a bit. Then run around the UK and Ireland and there’s talk of America maybe. We’ll get round to The States at some point.

If you were going to stage invade any act at Leefest, who would it be and what would you do?

Well, we need to look at the line up! Danny:  I don’t know if I’d stage invade, I’d probably just pull the plug. Who was it? The Feeling… at a festival in Scotland. I just got this feeling. James: He was very close to pulling the plug. Danny:There was a twisted Oliver Reed look in my face. They had to lock me in the van.

So I don’t know about a stage invasion, but maybe we’ll watch Roots Manuva from this side of the stage- respectively, yeah – good old Rodney Smith.

This exmagician article was written by Fraisia Dunn, a GIGsoup contributor. Photo courtesy of Lisa Furness.

LeeFest (The Neverland)

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