The Bots : Afropunk in eight tracks

Afropunk London is less than a week away and GIGsoup is getting very excited! To count down the days until the festival hits, we’ve been asking some of Afropunk London’s performers to pick eight tracks that summarise the arts and culture festival to them. In this edition we have a selection from The Bots, a very unique garage/punk band from L.A. Brothers Mikaiah and Aniahah Lei have been playing together since their early teens, and are set to bring some serious energy to the stage next weekend. Check out the eight tracks from The Bots below.


Ava Luna – ‘PRPL/ Out Of Town Films’ (2014)

The Bots: I just found these guys recently and they have so many great tunes, I love the R&B style vocals over the indie style track.


Bjork- ‘One Day Live’ (1994)

TB: The one and only Bjork, she combines all genres of music and world sounds with her unique brand of pop music.


ESG – You’re No Good (1981)


TB: ESG are so OG, they’re one of the most dynamic post punk bands of the time.


Animal Collective – ‘Golden Gal’ (2016)

TB: One of the best live bands ever, so much energy for an electronic based music.


William Onyeabor – ‘Everyday’ (1985)

TB: This man is legendary of course. He had a lot of amazing funky dance tracks, but he also had a bunch of just straight up weird ones like this.


Tei Shi – ‘How Far’ (2017)

TB:Such an amazing voice and so many catchy pop tunes, its R&B, Indie, Pop, Dance


Palm- ‘Trying’ (2017)

TB: Another band I just got into recently, they’re very tight live. Its pretty math punk/experimental etc…


 Kali Uchis- ‘Chimichanga’ (2015)


TB: I love the sketchy vibes on the earlier recordings she had, they’ve got that raw demo feel which I love hearing in pop music like this.

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