With Brighton’s Great Escape Festival now under a week away GIGsoup have selected 15 artists we feel you simply shouldn’t miss.

For today’s selection we point you firmly in the direction of Nova Scotia band Nap Eyes. The band re-released the acclaimed Whine Of The Mystic last summer (after originally releasing it on a limited run in 2014) bringing the album, and this ‘easy on the ears’ music to the attention of indie-rock lovers throughout the UK. 

The band now bring their thoughtful lyrics and relaxed instrumentation to Brighton and we urge you not to miss out. GIGsoup spoke to Nigel Chapman from the band about the festival…

How does it feel to be playing at The Great Escape 2016?

Great! It will be our first time playing in the UK, and first visit for some of us, so we are very glad to get to play for UK audiences for the first time. Having grown up on the Canadian East coast, British music has been a big influence on all of us since we were young – so yeah, excited to bring our music across the water to play in the old world.

How has your 2016 been so far?

It’s been good, thank you. We just came home from a pretty extensive tour of the US and Canada in support of our new record, so it feels good to have time to sleep and read and relax for a little while. Very nice also to start the year with the transition out of winter, and the weather is starting to get very nice again around here. That’s a sort of universally relate-able kind of nice thing.

Describe yourself in 1 word


What’s your essential go-to beach accessory? (Spade, towel, beers, Game Boy Colour etc)

Ooo I’d say book, but if book then you really need sunglasses, sunscreen, towel, etc. Swimsuit is also a key item, maybe one that is nearly self-sufficient.

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“The Great Escape” is also the name of the bonafide Gwen Stefani classic, aside from that what is your Gwen Stefani tune of choice?

I suppose I would choose “Just a Girl” or “Cool” – I like those songs a lot.

If you weren’t a musician, what you be?

Hmmm, maybe some kind of esoteric academic or a teacher or something.

If you could have your dream festival (dead or alive), who would be the three headliners and why?

This is always kind of arbitrary, but I’ll say…

The Clash

Ravi Shankar

Bob Marley

They are a few of my favourites, great musicians and songwriters. Really compelling lives, dedicating a lot to the music.

What can we expect from your set at The Great Escape?

(Coyly): A selection of songs from our first and second albums 😉 , including quiet ones and loud ones. Hopefully with an engaging energy and that could help you to feel good or happy in some way – but that’s no guarantee!

If you could recommend 3 other acts to check out at this year’s festival, who would they be?

Oh I’m really not sure — I haven’t heard of most of the artists at the festival (just as I’m sure they haven’t heard of us :), but excited to see whatever new music I am able to.

If you could be playing anywhere in the world in 12 months time, where would it be?

Hmmm, would be amazing to play in the Alahambra in Granada – but I’m not sure if they do rock concerts there. . .

The Great Escape - 15 acts not to miss
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