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greenpeace glasto

Glastonbury 2015: Why Greenpeace are bringing the Great Barrier Reef to Glasto

This ‘Glastonbury 2015′ article was written by James Brinsford, a GIGsoup contributor

When Glastonbury Festival is done and dusted each year the rumour mill likes to go in to overdrive about who will be headlining the event twelve months later. Whilst the speculation is intense there is always a sea of tranquility that is unfazed about whether or not they will be part of the world’s biggest festival again.

Greenpeace is inexplicably linked to Glastonbury and have been since the early nineties, when they made their association official and eventually having a field of their own from 1997 onwards.

They have used this to tell people from all over the world about their ideas, meeting similarly minded folk in the average Glastonbury festival goer and the marriage is still happy as it approaches its 25th anniversary.

This year will see Greenpeace delving in to the oceans for one of their most urgent campaigns of recent times as the iconic Great Barrier Reef comes under threat from Australian mining companies.

The Reef is the largest living thing on Earth, stretching over 2,600 kilometres and has over 900 islands which can be seen from outer space. The problem is that a coal boom down under has led to mining companies looking to the coast off Queensland for further opportunities to cash in whilst demand is high and approval has now been granted for a mega-mine near the Reef.

Climate change has led to ocean acidification and rising temperatures but the mining of coal could be a final nail in the coffin for the Reef as companies will be ripping up millions of tonnes of sea bed in the Reef’s waters so that shipping lanes can be created to transport the coal from the mines.

To help highlight this to festival goers, Greenpeace will be recreating the Great Barrier Reef with the hope that the majesty of the coral will move people enough to help put pressure on international bank Standard Charter to pull out from funding the mining project.

This campaign will be a dominant presence in Greenpeace’s area at Glastonbury and it is hoped that the appeal will capture the imagination of those at the festival, especially with the impressive way it will be shared with everyone.

There is always something worth visiting the green fields for and this year is no different with an eclectic music bill that includes Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition Runners-Up K.O.G. and the Zongo Brigade. There will also be a host of pro-skateboarders on hand to showcase their skills and if whilst your there you’d like to engage with the Reef protest then everyone will leave happy.

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