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Glastonbury 2015 : What to expect from Sunday headliners ‘The Who’

This ‘Glastonbury’ article was written by James Brinsford, a GIGsoup contributor.

After much speculation, and millions of pounds bet at the bookies, Glastonbury Festival have finally put an end to the rumours with the announcement that The Who will be Sunday’s big headliners. It is the band’s 50th anniversary and some will see it as a fitting tribute to one of most iconic rock ‘n’ roll bands ever to grace this planet. The question is, what can you expect from The Who live experience? Probably this …

My Generation : We will all sing-a-long to the lines ‘hope I die before I get old’ without a thought to the irony that the band playing are now septuagenarians. Cracking tune all the same –

Pinball Wizard : We all like a rock opera (stay with me) and it all started with The Who and their Townshend-penned LP ‘Tommy’. Still has one of the most recognisable riffs and is bound to bring out the air guitarist in us all –

Pete Townshend’s trademark axe-wielding

Whirlwind Guitar Playing : The trademark of Pete Townshend’s axe wielding is the legs apart, whirlwind arm motion that drives The Who through their songs. Expect him to crack open this crowd pleaser early in the set.

No substitute : It seems that there is no substitute for the original and despite their ages, the line ‘I look pretty young, but I’m just back-dated’ seems a fair reflection of The Who fifty years on –

Eardrum shattering loudness : It has often been said that The Who’s live shows are among the loudest in the rock sphere and they have been involved in the development of amp stacks to enhance this status. It is little wonder why Roger Daltrey suffers from tinnitus after spending his life so close to the action.

Baba O’Reilly : Being rock legends has sometimes taken away from the fact that The Who were among the first bands to embrace the synthesiser. Get ready to play some ‘air organ’ to the start of Baba O’Reilly –

CSI and The Who : For a certain generation, The Who are the band responsible for providing the theme to the CSI series. The Miami version used ‘Won’t be fooled again’ whilst the rest plumped for ‘Who are you?’ As you’ll see from this clip, there’s a healthy helping of dad dancing thrown in to the mix too –

An explosive finale : The whole idea of destroying your equipment on stage pretty much started here and don’t be surprised if there’s still enough life in the old dogs to see some five star stage trashing –

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