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Fran Healy – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview – Gibraltar Music Festival

Formed 26 years ago in Scotland, Travis have become one of the biggest British soft rock bands of all time.  GIGsoup’s Bethan Brace was lucky enough to catch up with Fran Healy, frontman of the Glaswegian band, backstage at Gibraltar Music Festival.

So, how are you enjoying Gibraltar so far?

This is our first time here, and so far it’s great.  I mean, there’s so much history to the place, and it’s integral to the history of the British Empire really.  Our taxi driver on the way over from Malaga was telling us all about it.  Really, it’s a privilege to be playing in such an interesting environment.

You’ve recently released ‘Everything at Once’.  Did anything in particular inspire the album?

Well, that’s a tricky one.  You can’t really just go looking for inspiration…  I think the best way to describe it personally is like when you go to the toilet.  When you go to the toilet for a number two you know.  You eat your fruit, or your veg, or your fish, or your whatever, and you end up with a finished product.  So obviously you can get inspiration from specific events such as the birth of a child, or a journey in your life, but usually it’s  combination of all the various things that you’ve been through and experienced in your life, that come together to form the finished product.

That’s a pretty brilliant analogy there!  You also released this album as a film at SXSW festival.  How did that come about?

Well, to be honest we didn’t really have another option.  We wanted to release 8 songs off the album as singles, and our production team said that we’d have to make music videos for all of them.  That’s over 30 minutes so we thought, why not?  We met at art school, and I dropped out after second year so never really got a final project.  In a way this feels like the end project that I never made all that time ago.  Almost a bit of closure.  It’s great to see the album being appreciated in more than one medium too.

As a band you’ve inspired a lot of people, with bands such as Keane and Coldplay citing you as key in their formation.  How does that make you feel?

Well, I know that a lot of music and style comes through in Keane’s work, and that’s great to see our influence sort of coming through.  Coldplay though…  We often get compared but I don’t really see it that much myself.  Obviously there are similarities, but me and Chris (Martin) are very different people really.  He’s doing all this dance stuff lately, and that’s great for him, but personally I just want to play music that means a lot to me, and to the rest of the guys.

Well, I think that’s all the time we have, but I can’t wait to see your set later!

I can’t wait to play it either.  It’s gonna be something special!

Travis’s latest album ‘Everything at Once’ is out now

This Fran Healy article was written by Bethan Brace, a GIGsoup contributor

Travis 'Everything At Once' - ALBUM REVIEW

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