Wakizashi Festival - 4 acts not to miss : The Perverts

Wakizashi Festival – 4 acts not to miss : The Perverts

Wakizashi is a new two day festival at the Old Malthouse, Bristol on October 22nd and 23rd. Promoters Probo Titans and Harry Furniss are aiming to bring together an incredible showcase of progressive, exciting music. Bristol’s alt-jazz all stars Get the Blessing headline on Saturday 22nd, with progressively poppy super-group Knifeworld at the top of the bill on Sunday 23rd.

GIGsoup caught up with Screaming Son, Alex K and Sebbles from The Perverts to try and work out more about their puerile, (s)punky industrial sound.

How does it feel to be playing at Wakizashi?

Screaming Son: it feels good.

Sebbles: Oh its great! The organisers have taken a massive gamble on us as we’re like some ultra-refined version of Marmite as 99% of people hate us but the 1% who do really love the live shows.

It’s an exciting line up isn’t it? What is the one act you will not miss at Wakizashi?

Screaming Son: Hysterical Injury.

Alex K: I never miss a Perverts show, apart from that Reef always put on a good show!

Sebbles: One?! Man, if I go O N EEEEE perhaps I could draw out a few acts, yeah? …Blessing, obviously. Iceman… shows are ALWAYS unique – great protopunk spazz jazz vibes. And I need to gush about Traces, that dude – I played alongside him last winter, we had ended up having a disco on a Sunday night in a greenhouse in St Pauls while he bashed out 1980s poly rhythm africano-synth goodness out of a Roland Juno –  get your glow sticks out for another Sunday disco – so good!

A Wakizashi is one of the two swords used by a Samurai warrior- the Katana is the other one. What’s your weapon of choice?

Screaming Son: Katana because it can be quickly drawn for fast response to an attack.

Alex K: I play a 2015 Ibanez Sound Gear 5 String. I love it’s playability and tonal range – for more mellow songs a 1983 Ibanez x series that again has a great tone, I’ve had that since 2003.

Sebbles: I like to play my cheap 50 quid guitars like a percussive instrument but also love the dirty sounds out of old school analogue synths.

Could you please describe your sound in two words?

Screaming Son: Cartoony chaos.

Alex K: Randomly groovie!

Sebbles: Industrial spazzcore.

How’s 2016 treated you- been up to much?

Screaming Son: Even though we have been really busy 2016 has been more quiet than I would have liked. We have been working on a new Perverts album as well as playing gigs around the country. My favourite gig so far was playing at ‘Other Worlds Festival’ in Blackpool but I reckon Wakizashi might top it. Also as a freelance illustrator I have been creating cover art for our new album as well as artwork for other musicians and various other projects.

On The Perverts front I have also been learning some amateur ventriloquism so we can have more singing puppets in our live shows.

Alex K: Up and down. We played Blackpool and London for the first time this year but then I broke my leg, which sucks.

Sebbles: Technically not 2016 but we did our first NYE show on 31/12/15 slash 01/01/2016 with Iceman, CVYn and loads of other great acts down at the Old England. Like the guys said we did a great little tour with our pals Fret! Along with playing some fun local shows with Olanza, Repo Man, Betunizer, At Bona Fide, Clara Clara, Carnivorrrr and At the Heart of it all.

What plans do you have for the year ahead?

Screaming Son – In 2015 we released a book and an album which featured two dystopian science fiction stories written by me and Sebbles. The book also featured a poem by Alex K. It was called ‘Thinking is Dangerous’ and the book was accompanied by a double disc album which was a soundtrack to the book.

So after ‘Splatter Land’ (an album on its own) and we decided to return to the book soundtrack idea – Perverted Tales is going to feature stories and poems written by us and some of our fans who wanted to contribute; each story is going to have a track on the album dedicated to it – I like things to be wild and far out so I am pleased with the submissions so far. As for our live shows I aim to add to the theatrical element of it. It already has this camp yet aggressive feel to it and I want to ramp that up. Soft toys and puppets already play a prominent part but I think that we could go a lot further with that.

Sebbles: PERVERTED TALES! I had a stall at book fair the other day and folk picking up ‘Thinking is Dangerous’ were really impressed, much more impressed than a gig environment – we live in a world now that wants something a bit different; it is too easy to torrent a CD, rip a book to a Kindle, stream the latest cinema release to your home HD plasma TV set – people who are genuinely after something tangible want something made with love. We’re talking about another tour or two, hopefully overseas.   And much as we like what we’re doing we’re taking about a split in 2017 from any more releases at least, we don’t do that many live shows as it and it’ll get even fewer locally so get your butt to Wakizashi to see what it’s all about.

Finally- if you could wake up and play any (new) instrument in the world, what would it be and why?

Screaming Son: A dildo flute because it would fit in with our agro camp status.

I am not sure if imaginary instruments count but I would really like someone to create one.

Sebbles: I love keyboard based instruments so in terms of devices that are basically unusable now an Ondes Martenot (mental radio based, possibly the first ever, synth) or Mellotron (that plays a shed load tapes loops).Wakizashi Festival - 4 acts not to miss : Iyabe