Wakizashi Festival - 4 acts not to miss : SALTINGS

Wakizashi Festival – 4 acts not to miss : SALTINGS

Wakizashi is a new two day festival at the Old Malthouse, Bristol on October 22nd and 23rd. Promoters Probo Titans and Harry Furniss are aiming to bring together an incredible showcase of progressive, exciting music. Bristol’s alt-jazz all stars Get the Blessing headline on Saturday 22nd, with progressively poppy super-group Knifeworld at the top of the bill on Sunday 23rd.

GIGsoup caught up with four of the acts ahead of the action. Second up is SALTINGS. This Bristol based band have had a busy year curating festivals, gigging and generally flying the flag for the growing ambient instrumental scene in the city. We caught up with band members Caitlin (alias Callahan) and Andrew Cooke to find out more about their thoughts on Wakizashi.

How does it feel to be playing at Wakizashi?

Andrew: Awesome, I’m so proud of our good mate Harry and (Ceri) for organising such a fantastic line up. We’re really grateful to have been chosen.

Caitlin: I was honoured to be asked. I love Bristol’s DIY spirit and Wakizashi is no exception to that.

It’s an exciting line up isn’t it? What is the one act you will not miss at Wakizashi?

Andrew: That Halftone band are pretty decent. Their double bass player looks a bit familiar…

Caitlin: I am really looking forward to Hysterical Injury. I hear Halftone are pretty good too *cough cough*

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A Wakizashi is one of the two swords used by a Samurai warrior- the Katana is the other one. What’s your weapon of choice?

Andrew: Fourteen delay pedals all chained together. Blow your enemies away in a storm of feedback!

Caitlin: A Wakizashi of course

Could you please describe your sound in two words?

Caitlin: Ambient drone

Andrew: Nightmare lullabies

How’s 2016 treated you- been up to much?

Caitlin: I think we’ve had a pretty good year so far! We organised and curated the Bristol Hum in July, played at Supernormal back in August, we’re supporting Kuro at their album launch on November 4th and have our first non-Bristol gig (as a trio) on November 26th at The Nunnery in London. We are hoping that 2017 is going to be even bigger!

Andrew: It’s been a whirlwind of a year, the highlight, as Caitlin said, being organising our own mini-festival – five days of experimental music in a disused toilet, just what Bristol needed. It really brought us into contact with a bevy of incredibly talented artists, some of whom are playing here.

What plans do you have for the year ahead?

Andrew: See above – said festival (The Bristol Hum) will be back shinier and noisier next year (and hopefully not in a toilet). Plus loads more gigs, and we hope to continue to develop our collaboration with Laura Phillips from BEEF (Bristol Experimental Expanded Film). Already we’ve played with her at Supernormal, and we have another coming up in London soon. Our music really suits their wonderfully weird and progressive ideas.

Caitlin: Hoping to tour more widely and take our music to other cities. A tour of Europe would be pretty amazing. We are also planning on releasing an album that actually has myself and Liz on it, so I’m very much looking forward to that. Keep your eyes peeled for info on that on our social media…and yeah, another Bristol Hum is also in the pipeline, although we’re still a bit overwhelmed from the success of that so far!

Finally- if you could wake up and play any (new) instrument in the world, what would it be and why?

Caitlin: After a lot of thought, I would probably want to play the tabla. I’ve had a few lessons, and it is one of the more difficult instruments that I’ve ever tried playing and i absolutely love its sound. I like noise, especially nuanced noise, and the tabla is such a beautiful multi-faceted instrument – it would certainly be an interesting addition to SALTINGS!

Andrew: I’d prefer to stay asleep. I’ve tried to play enough instruments already!Wakizashi Festival - 4 acts not to miss : Iyabe