GIGsoup caught up with Ocscar at this years incredible LeeFest to ask him about how his art background influences his music, his future in the fashion industry and how he would love to stage invade his friend Girli.

You released your album “Cut And Paste” earlier this year, you’ve performed at loads of festivals and you have a headline tour lined up for the autumn. What else are you planning for 2016?

Well I’m writing album two! So that’s in the works. I’m trying to find a producer because I want to level up and do it a little more professionally, but I don’t want to lose my sound, so I have to find the perfect person. I’m looking in London, I’m looking in New York, I’m looking in L.A. Wherever it’s going to be, that’s where I’ll go. I’m actually designing some fashion- a fashion collection, because I’m really into that so I’m going to get a little collection going.

I know you’ve studied sculpture at St. Martins- how has studying art influenced your music? Is there a link between them?

Massively. At St Martin’s I also studied appropriation and collage making and that’s kind of how I approach music. I use a mash up of influences, like hip-hop, post punk, indie, disco- whatever it is. So it really is like sampling and making it into something new- giving it a new meaning. So yeah, it had a big influence. Also at art school it was kind of like a love-hate relationship. At first I didn’t like it, so I went off and made music, so it pushed me in that way. And then I came back and really liked it- I started doing sound art, so I managed to get the music into it.

How has it been so far, just making music on your own?

It’s a mixture of incredibly fulfilling and amazingly frustrating, because you reach that level where I don’t know what this is anymore and I don’t know who I am. You’ll write a song and think ‘this is amazing’ and then you’ll walk the dog and get back and think ‘oh no, this is the shittest thing I’ve ever done.’ You just don’t know. It’s sometimes hard. So I just take a break and play it to other friends or other musicians, the limitations have their attractions and their disadvantages. I think I’m warming towards the sound of bringing in other writers and other producers on the next record, just to make a bigger sound.

If you could stage invade one act at Leefest, who would you stage invade and what would you do?

I’d stage invade Girli- cause she’s my friend and she’d enjoy it too. I’d just dance, or I know all her lyrics so I’d probably grab the mic and join in!

This Oscar article was written by Fraisia Dunn, a GIGsoup contributor. Lead photo credit : by Bella Howard

LeeFest (The Neverland)

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