Cotton Clouds Festival ‘In Their Own Words’ – Stillia

Stillia are one of the emerging young bands set to play at the inaugural Cotton Clouds festival on 12 August.

It is one of many festivals booked in for the band from St Helens. GIGsoup’s Jane Davies caught up with band members Jack, Connor, Johnny and Matty recently to talk about festivals and their new single ‘4 am’  which drops this month

What can the audience expect from you?

Jack : “Our music is very Northern lyrically and musically. We have had comparisons to country, which is quite fitting as that is the only type of music I listen to. At home my parents played rock and roll 50s and 60s and also the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays so I guess you can detect a 90s influence too. Johnny and I write all the songs and then we work on the music as a team, I usually bring in a country feel to proceedings.”

What’s your audience like?

Jack: “We have a mixed bag of people coming to see us. Anyone from 15 to 25-40 s. We have done 14 plus venues for our youngest fans although some promoter’s nights have to be strictly 18 plus.”

“The older people in the audience probably like us because they pick up a 90s vibe from the music.”

What’s your Favourite festival?

Jack: “Hometown festivals are special. We love playing in St Helens.”

If you could play any festival what would it be?

Connor: “I want to play Glastonbury.”

Johnny: “Leeds and Reading would be alright.”

Matty: “Reading and Glastonbury.”

Jack: “Glastonbury.”

Stillia have a really good sense of style. Can you describe this to us?

Jack: “Yeah we have, apart from our kid who needs a haircut.” Looking disapprovingly at Matty’s flowing long locks.)

Connor : “I wear what I think looks cool.”

Jack: “We all used to wear shit clothes and hair and Connor was the one who went and got Chelsea boots and we were all laughing and a few weeks later we all went out and got some. He got skinny jeans so we all got skinny jeans. Whatever Connor buys we buy.”

At Cotton Clouds who are you most looking forward to seeing?

Connor: “I’m looking forward to seeing The Coral and The Blinders.”

Jack : “The Coral, and I would love to have a beer with them” (everyone else says yes too).

Jonny: “The Coral. We are playing main stage, we are first ones on.”

Matty : “The Coral. (He admits he has not read the line up). I’m just told were to go. I’m really looking forward to The Coral.”

Jack: “He (Matty) doesn’t do much, he just looks at himself in the mirror and gets told where to go.”

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What do you like the most about festivals?

Jack : “Ones with nice scenery, big open spaces with lots of stages. I prefer open spaces to enclosed concrete spaces.”

What’s the best rider you’ve ever had?

Jack : “We got fruit at a recent gig, never had that before.”

Matty : “Yeah we had McCoys crisps too” .(something which the whole band sounded pleased with!)

How many beers did you get?

Jack: “A crate of 12 beers.”

12 each?

Johnny: “No just 12 between us.”

Jack : “With “This Feeling” we get a bottle of Jack Daniels. They are really good to us.”

What’s your pre -gig routine?

Jack : “After sound check, food then beer. I always get a mixed grill.”*

*At this point the rest of the group start laughing saying he has never eaten such a thing until Jack admits he usually has a salad with the others owning up to having burgers.

What’s up next for Stillia?

Jack: “We would love to do an album in LA, that would be nice. And I want to do a gig with the Jackobins. Festivals in the summer and gigs up into November.” “New single, ‘4 am’ out this month too.”