Bloodstock – Catton Park Saturday 12th August Review

Saturday 12th August 2017

Opening up the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage at Bloodstock, were Burnley Metal 2 The Masses winners Ward XVI. If you imagine Alice Cooper theatrics and Evil Scarecrow antics you won’t go far wrong. The highlight being the Circus Pit (yes not a spelling mistake).

A quick march to the Sophie Lancaster Stage just in time to see Blind River open up proceedings. They are somewhat generic rock and didn’t have much to elevate themselves above many more like them.

Staying at the Sophie stage saw the compère described “best young English Thrash band around” Eradikator. These guys played the New Blood Stage in 2014 and it is good to see stage progression and Eradikator are certainly flying the flag for Thrash in this Isle very well. “Astral Body” off the album “Edge of Humanity” was the highlight of their all too short set.

American thrashers Havok were next on the Ronnie James Dio stage and having seem them in the tent at Download previously expectations were high. Unfortunately on the bigger stage, they appeared somewhat uninspiring. Singer David Chavez’s comments from the stage that “if you veer too much to the right or left you end up with the same type of arsehole telling you what you can do” resonated with many in this day and age.

Back at the Sophie stage The One Hundred who readily admitted they “are not everyone’s cup of tea” got the crowd bouncing. Having seen them support Crossfaith last year and being impressed by them they have shown they have something to offer (though the constant crotch grabbing of their vocalist isn’t really required at this or any time of the day!).

King 810 – What was the fuss about?

Over on the Ronnie James Dio stage King 810 (those that made it through border control anyway) were prowling the stage. They are a marmite band for sure and in this instance the marmite was well and truly distasteful.

Time for some fun again and Bangover duly obliged on the rammed Jagermeister Stage. Lest we forget Metal can be fun, the highlight at the end when the vocalist and guitarist were crowd surfed from the small stage over to the Ronnie James Dio stage just in time for…..

Annihilator. It’s hard to believe Jeff Waters Canadian metallers have been around over 30 years but they certainly have the catalogue and ability to put on a storming show rolling back those years impeccably.

Staying on the Ronnie James Dio Stage to catch party thrashers Municipal Waste. Similarly to Havok they seemed to lack something from this reviewers perspective although many of the crowd would disagree. 

Back on the Sophie stage and Red Rum captivated a large crowd for the set consisting of songs about drinking, pirates and hobbits. You could see these being the house band for House Greyjoy in Game of Thrones. 

Up next on the Jagermeister stage was Twisted Illusion. Their cover of “Heaven and Hell” was well executed but for a relatively short set it took up a significant proportion of it when they could have showcased their own songs. Nonetheless a band worth checking out. 


It was now the turn of the Ronnie James Dio sub-headliners and Teutonic Thrashers Kreator to open up the pit to hell. Actually at this point the weather was so nice it seemed out of place in sunlight. Their song “Fallen Brother” was very respectful and got a tumultuous reception. It makes you realise just how many legends have passed on. A powerful set and whilst waiting for the headliners a stroll over to the Sophie to catch the majority of …

Xentrix’s set. As with many this clash meant the band noted how many more people were in attendance after Kreator had finished. This band have some cracking tunes and with new singer Jay Walsh in tow and a new album on it’s way it will be great to see more of them in the future.

The Headliners

Saturdays Ronnie James Dio stage Bloodstock headliners are Scandinavians Ghost. Expectations were set of a great visual and theatrical performance. What transpired was something pedestrian. Maybe we were missing something (the ‘we’ mentioned because numerous punters drifted away).