The Beat-Herder Festival : Part Two Preview

GIGsoup takes a quick look at some of the artists to watch out for at this weekends Beat-Herder Festival

Since the completion of part one of GIGsoup’s Beat-Herder preview, Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie, has succumbed to a back injury and removed the band from the line-up of the festival (taking place in Lancashire, from 15-17 July).  Oh dear. Luckily, the rest of the line-up has much to offer. Not only that, but there’s a real possibility of a juicy replacement to look forward to, a la The Libertines rocking up at Glastonbury. If the organisers of this knees up in the Lancashire countryside know their audience as well as the Glasto organisers did, the consensual juiciness rating could be off of the chart. Whilst we wait in anticipation, lets have a look at the rest of the lineup.


Watching Beardyman live is a bit like watching an extreme sport. The Londoner skates across not only his own voice, using it as a beatbox in a ways you might not even think possible, but over a dozen loop pedals based upon that voice. It produces an effect similar to that of watching a man soar 100 meters in the air on two carbon fibre planks, or a motorcyclist come off and then back onto his seat in mid-air. Only Beardyman’s impossible feats do not tire with repetition. That’s unlike the aforementioned activities, as anyone who has ever watched any more than five repetitions of any of them will know. Beardyman differs because he directs his feats towards the music, and not half bad music either – a compelling mix of hip hop, drum and bass and outright comedy.

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B.Traits is one of those DJs whose name you may well have heard many times, and are only now putting music to a name. Or maybe that is yet another example of a pretentious journalist assuming that everybody else’s experience is exactly identical to their own. Either way, B.Traits is in fact someone who you have probably heard In The Mix a fair few times, having occupied Annie Mac’s Friday and Saturday prime time slots during Mac’s maternity leave (during which she was tending to some sort of super dance music baby, no doubt).  During that period she was on a mission to spread her almost totally Drum and Bass message far and wide, and her travelling down to sunny Lancashire will be but a continuation of that.

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Utah Saints

Utah Saints are oddly far down the line up poster, considering their pedigree – they’ve had chart success and are responsible for giving many of dance music’s biggest names (Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Sasha, Paul Oakenfeld) some of their first bookings via their club night. But you sense that Beat Herder is the sort of festival where status matters for nought, and everybody must prove themselves just like everyone else. Utah Saints are likely to achieve that task, though, their melodic sensibility complementing a similar sensibility towards straight up four to the floor beats. If (and when) the duo draw those parts together it’ll make for a more than enjoyable set.

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Tickets for a weekend with nothing but fat beats and sheep bleats for company in the Lancashire hilss are still available from:

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