A Day in the Life at Primavera Sound: Highlights from Day 2

Day 2 certainly kept festival attendees at Primavera Sound on their toes with a range of huge names from across the world, from Mali to Iceland. Here’s a recap of just a handful of our top highlights from this mega day!


The first act of the day but for many attending they had been waiting a long time to see Waxahatchee live. Katie Crutchfield and band led a set of visceral anthems that drew a strong reaction from her gathered fans, old and new.

Oumou Sangare

We are going to go out there and say this Malian Grammy-award winning singer superstar and women’s rights activist has been our highlight so far of the entire show. She had an incredibly powerful and charismatic presence about her that, together with her animated backing singers and devoted band, led to a fully-packed, dancing and singing crowd. She was the Elza Soares of last year’s NOS Primavera Sound with an astounding legacy that brought another element to the festival entirely. It’s acts like these sourced from across the world that make Primavera Sound so great. Wow! Just wow!


Liminal Soundbath

GIGsoup’s coverage of Primavera Sound had to be brought to a halt for 2 hours while we experienced (and recovered from) Sigur Rós’ Liminal Soundbath. If you’ve ever experienced a soundbath, you’ll know roughly what was to be experienced – a compilation of the senses in experiencing sound that’s not just auditory, but physical.

Now add Jónsi’s exquisite vocals and ghosts slowly passing through the crowd and you might get just a sense of what it was about. It was a chance for festival goers to lie down and take a break from the frantic day, but more deeply it was one of the festival’s not-so-secret headliners – an experience for those looking to deepen their connection and understanding with music.


18-year-old Orono Noguchi, singer for eight-piece band Superorganism, was psyched to be there – and for good reason. The band has seemingly risen from out of nowhere to achieve a cult following. Anyone familiar with the surrealist nature of their songs (like The Prawn Song – ‘You do you, I’ll do me, Chillin’ at the bottom of the sea and I say, I’m happy just being a prawn’) will not be disappointed by their live shows. The band met Orono through internet memes and currently live together in a 4 bedroom house in London creating music all day long. They are one of the most funky and fabulous acts to come out of 2017, and we want to go live in their house and join their crazy universe.


Other highlights

Sevdaliza had big competition alongside some of the festival headliners. Born in Iran, Primavera Sound describe her as “everything that contemporary R&B should be; challenging and evocative, defying stylistic frontiers (down-tempo electronic music, jazz, industrial and trip hop fuse together without you even noticing), and also of gender and cultural identity frontiers”.

HAIM played for the third time at the festival. The three sisters’ drum-slamming, face-pulling, guitar-shredding act was flawless and inspiring.

And Arca, hailing from Venezuela, wrapped up the night with a dance-heavy version of his BDSMtronica. It was so typically Primavera Sound to finish up with an act that pushes the frontiers of modern music. We already can’t wait for tomorrow.