2000trees is a special festival for so many reasons. Seen as a key date in the festival diary it’s ability to un-earth the ‘next big thing’ now has a legendary status. With coveted artists such as Frank Turner, Bombay Bicycle Club and Wild Beasts (to name just a few) featuring over the years it still has an air of independence about it that other more commercial festivals now lack.

At GIGsoup we’re featuring a few of the artists you should be looking out for at this years event. Today we concentrate on woking 5-piece Palm Reader. Their unapologetic hardcore, reverb-heavy second album ‘Besides The Ones We Love’ certainly ticked all of the boxes. An album that enabled the band to expose their frantic live sets to a growing fanbase and appear at numerous festivals throughout Europe, the band now bring proceedings to a close with regards to the album with their final live performance before returning to the studio.

If you crave noise, punk and quite wonderful showmanship then do not miss this set. We caught up with Dan Olds from the band…

2000trees is a real showcase for up and coming talent as well as concentrating on environmental concerns. How does it feel to be playing at this year’s festival?

Its great to be back, we last played in 2014 and the line up was fantastic. But this year its gone above and beyond. We’re so excited to be a part of this festival. Everything is done properly.

We’re crawling steadily to the mid-point of 2016. How’s it been so far? Any highlights?

We’ve had a few highlights for this year including touring with Cancer Bats, Black Peaks and Norma Jean all 3 bands have changed the way we look at touring and writing songs.

Describe yourself in 1 word


If you weren’t a musician, what you be?

I have literally no idea, I’ve been playing music and playing in bands since I was 13 and haven’t trained or learned any other skill, some would say thats bad planning. I would call it stubbornness and determination.

What’s your essential festival accessory? (Sun cream, a well-worn festival hat, wellies etc)?

I would say a Tent but i’ve gone 3 years without having one and getting by alright. So just a bloody good attitude ‘forced smile and thumbs up’

If you could have your dream festival (dead or alive), who would be the three headliners and why?

3 Headliners.

Friday. Gorillaz. Its fucking Gorillaz

Saturday. Deftones. Its fucking Deftones

Sunday. Prince. Its fucking Prince

What can we expect from your set at 2000trees?

It’s our last show from the ‘Besides The Ones We Love’ touring cycle so expect it to be the last time you hear some of these songs. We’re looking forward to moving on

2000trees is a real mix of the best new and underground music. If you could recommend 3 other acts to check out at this year’s festival, who would they be?

Black Peaks. Thursday

Our Brighton brothers. These guys are the most talented and  genuine dudes we’ve come across while touring and they deserve every bit of success that comes to them. So you can say ‘I was there when they were playing in a small tent’ when they’re headlining wembley.

Heck. Saturday

These guys have been with us since the start, we live and love with them. They work so unbelievably hard to do what they do and I respect them more than most bands. Go see them, you’ll like them.

Zoax. Saturday

Their album is a bloody stormer and they know how to put on a show, Love them, love their music.

If you could be playing anywhere in the world in 12 months’ time, where would it be?

Obviously we want to be touring the world and meeting new friends so I guess literally anywhere. So long as we’re playing our songs in front of people, we’re happy.

Anything else you’d like to tell us before we set you free to entertain the sun-seekers and muso’s of Upcote Farm (new album, new tour etc)?

After 2000 Trees we’re going to be locked up writing/recording songs for Album 3. So when the time comes, you’ll know.

2000trees - Band Showcase : NARCS

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