Why Everyone Left tell us their influences for ‘This Is Not A Test’

Italian pop-punk crew Why Everyone Left recently released EP ‘This Is Not A Test’ on Penultimate Records. A very hands on frontman Enzo, not only directs their music videos, wrote the majority of the material and also handled the recording and production, aside from mixing duties fulfilled by Seb Barlow. He’s here to tell us what records helped the EP come to fruition…

Green Day – Nimrod.
That’s my favorite record ever! Not the first one I heard from them, but the first one who made me love punk rock. Also, it shook me reading the lyrics for the first time, I was like 12 at the time and never heard bad words in music, and this record is full of swearing haha.
The Grouch and Worry Rock have the best melodies I had heard back then, it was love at first listen. This record is so heterogeneous, it has great melodic songs like redundant, Shattered, Nice Guys Finish Last, some weird songs like Hitchin a Ride, King For A Day, some chill tunes like Last Ride In and Walking Alone, and the eternal Time Of Your Life. Masterpiece.

A Day To Remember – Homesick
This is record was such a gamechanger back in 2009. It’s the record which made me fall in love with ADTR, and it’s awesome how they blended Pop Punk and Metalcore, like no one else, ever did at the time. It’s crazy to hear super heavy songs like You Already Know What You Are and right after super melodic songs like Another Song About The Weekend. If it wasn’t for this record this band wouldn’t exist!

State Champs – Around The World And Back
Not my favorite SC record to be honest, but this is the record which influenced me the most writing our new EP.
Secrets is the banger. I love Derek’s fast singing, no one else does that in Pop Punk.
It sounds amazing, from the voice to the instruments, and the mix is great, I’m a big fan of Kyle Black and I love every record he produced.

The Ghost Inside – Returners
When it comes to heavy music, The Ghost Inside holds a special place in my heart. I don’t think this is their best record, but it’s definitely the heaviest. I love how wild the breakdowns are, the mix also sounds savage. Saw them live back in 2011, they were the opening band, they started with Unspoken and the crowd just went nuts, fell in love instantly. I loved how they grew with “Get What You Give” which I think it’s their best record, but this one will always be my favorite!

Ed Sheeran – ÷
No matter what kind of music you usually listen to, everybody should give a chance to Ed Sheeran.
This is actually the very first record I’ve ever listened to by Ed, I’m not a die-hard fan, but who cares I just love this one. Top class production and songwriting, this record is truly inspiring to me. Barcelona and Castle On The Hill are my favourite jams.