Vinyl Corner : The Noise Figures ‘Telepath’

Vinyl Corner is a feature where we take a look at vinyl pressings of various albums and weigh them up to see just how good they sound, how well they’re pressed and what sort of packaging to expect – as well as giving a brief overview of the music itself. It’s a slab of full-on psych rock that’s up for examination today, with The Noise Figures’ ‘Telepath’.

The Music:

Trading in a raucous brand of fleet-footed psychedelic garage rock, Greece’s The Noise Figures present a contemporary, bright-eyed interpretation of a decades old musical medium. Delays, phasers and choruses abound here; with punchy drums and rumbling bass presenting the group’s take on the classic hard rock trio format – although, in actuality, the band are duo, which makes the sheer size of their sound all the more impressive. While those even passingly familiar with psych rock will have heard something not entirely unlike The Noise Figures before, the band execute their chosen sound well, creating an impressive album in the process. ‘Telepath’ is melodic despite the layers of distortion which the band pile on and the vocals in particular betray an ear for melody not always found in such groups. This is an enjoyable, compelling modern psych rock LP and certainly one worthy of the attention of those who’ve played the classic staples of the genre one too many times.

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The Pressing:

This is a very convincing pressing from Inner Ear Records. Pressed on sturdy 180g vinyl, the LP looks great with a nice clean lustre by virtue of an absence of marks and scuffs from factory handling; and the LP sits flat and steady on the deck whilst being spun. Playback is as clean as the record looks, with no defects such as pops or ticks; likewise the soundscape is free of obvious surface noise and even during the run-in and between songs, the disc remains quiet.

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The Packaging:

This is a nicely presented release boasting vivid, striking cover art that is well printed and looks great even spread over an LP sleeve. The non-gatefold jacket is made from decently sturdy card and it definitely feels more solid in hand than quite a lot similar releases we’ve featured, although it’s not exceptionally heavy stock. The spine looks good with a clear, easily readable font and the back cover likewise looks great – although it would have been nice had the barcode been on a sticker rather than printed onto the sleeve. The record itself is housed in a black generic polylined sleeve, which is a big plus – it’s a high quality, very protective inner and certainly not one that would need not be replaced. Also included is an attractive, high quality double sided insert featuring lyrics on side and credits and thanks on the other, in addition to another very stylish, vivid image that fits in well with the cover art. It’s printed on good quality paper and really ties the whole package together well.

Final Thoughts:

This is not only a great pressing of this high-octane garage-psych album but it’s a well presented one, too. This a really well made release throughout and particularly impressive given that this has been released by an indie label at a reasonable retail price.