Vinyl Corner is a feature where we take a look at vinyl pressings of various albums and weigh them up to see just how good they sound, how well they’re pressed and what sort of packaging to expect – as well as giving a brief overview of the music itself. This time we’re checking out the debut EP from Mythless, a new experimental project from Jason Bartell.

The Music:

Mythless is the new project of one-time Fang Island member Jason Bartell. Preceded by only one single, ‘Patience Hell’ is the first major statement from the new project and it’s one likely to turn the head of anyone who catches wind of it. Perhaps the most immediately defining aspect of the EP is the way in which practically every instrument accentuates rhythm – at times over and above melody. Bartell crafts a hugely percussive sound here which soon gets to the point where, much like a steam engine, it chugs along more or less on its own volition. His vocals are clear, confident and delivered with a verve which steers the melody of the album almost single-handedly. ‘Patience Hell’ is an EP that explores a unique sound and it’s commendable for that alone.

The Pressing:

Another Joyful Noise release, this pressing ticks very many of the boxes that we’ve come to expect from their output. Does it sound great? Check. Does it look good? Check, check. Is it unique? Check, check, check. As a four song EP, the typical thing to do would have been to cut it at 45rpm and stick a pair of songs on each side and be done with it. Instead, the label have opted to cut it at 33rpm and put the whole thing on side 1, leaving side 2 free to become daubed with a stunning screenprint. It is visually arresting and a refreshingly unique way of doing things – different even (and in our opinion more attractive) than the increasingly popular etching option that’s appearing on more and more recent releases. So it looks great, but what about the sound? Fortunately, that’s excellent too. We’ve become accustomed to clean, well pressed releases from the Czech Republic’s GZ Media and this LP fits the bill nicely.

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The Packaging:

We’ve already covered the screenprinting on the B side of the record, but it’s a well presented release in other regards too. The sleeve is non-gatefold but it’s printed onto good quality card and feels sturdy in hand. It isn’t shrinkwrapped from new but rather comes in a resealable plastic sleeve, which offers more protection to shelf wear during everyday use than typical shrinkwrap (although we would still recommend putting it, like any other vinyl release, inside a protective non-PVC plastic sleeve – ideally 450g). The outer sleeve does not include any inserts but the record is sleeved in a very good quality black polylined inner, which is much appreciated and should keep the record in great shape.

Final Thoughts:

This is another top EP release from Joyful Noise. The pressing is excellent both in regards to sound quality and visual style and the packaging and presentation is also slick and more than reasonable considering the $15 this release bears from the label’s website.

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