There are thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of unsigned artists who are working hard to kick-start their musical careers in earnest. GIGsoup’s ‘Unsigned but not unloved’ feature recognizes a few of these impending musical idols and brings them to the attention of you .. their future adoring fans.

Not long after the release of his new second single ‘Dive’ GIGsoup’s Alex Shutti had the opportunity to catch up with Jorday; a young, unsigned artist who featured on last years ‘BBC Music introducing’ with his debut single ‘Beautiful Disaster’.

So I’m gonna just dive straight in then! So what I’ll start with is this. Where are you from/ based? And how did you get into music?

Yes! I’m from the city of Nottingham; I started singing like eight years ago in school and that… I’m heavily influenced by Usher and Michael Jackson.

It got serious when I got to University really… When I managed to build my own little studio, met with a couple of friends and collaborated with a lot of producers to find my sound… And yeah… we’re here now! 2 singles in and its going well!

Michael Jackson huh?!

Yeah my early influences were deffo Michael Jackson to start with, but I think as I was growing up I was listening to so much music that I got influenced by everything… My mum used to listen to Marvin Gaye.. Umm… Everybody. It’s crazy…

But now I’m heavily influenced by the UK scene, it’s beautiful. That’s definitely something that influences my music tastes. Listening to different artists.


Is there anyone particular from the UK Scene that you want to shout out for doing good stuff?

Well an artist that is really doing well that I’m listening to a lot is Yxng Bane. I like Yxng Bane. Yxng Bane is haaaard! I like a lot of Nines’ music. Skrapz is another hard one that I like.

Yeah those are all good picks. Yxng Bane in particular is pretty hot right now. Good choices. So, getting into your newest single ‘Dive’ – What was your process for making it? Lyrics and Production… How did it all come together?

Dive?… Man, I don’t know!

It didn’t really take us that long to do. But it means a lot to me. We wanted something uplifting. I wanted something uplifting. More upbeat. Something catchy. You can catch it from a mile away. You get what I’m saying? It’s a strong song. I recorded it like 5 – 10 times…

[Starts Singing] “I’m doing 80 on the motorway to you!”

It’s just one of those type of things. It’s open. It’s like; into the pool.  It’s magnetic! It pulls you, for real.

I’m just working very hard to make the best songs that have the best message. I want them kind of songs that get played on the radio in the mornings and change your mood before you get to work. I want you to get in to work and be like “Diiiiiiiive”.  You know? That’s the dream. This is why I do it. I’m trying to build something tangible. I want my songs to have a message. I want my songs to change your mood. Even if you don’t wanna dance, you’re gonna dance. Even if you don’t wanna sing it, you’re gonna sing it. That’s what ‘Dive’ is about. I gave it all I had, and there’s so much more to come.

It’s so crazy. It’s gonna be crazy. I can’t wait man. I’m just enjoying the journey.

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It’s good to hear your passion, and its definitely a positive song. Good luck with the journey! So, what’s next for Jorday?

Wow, 2018 is looking crazy! There’s deffo a load of shows coming up. There’s a few short films that I’m in… It’s just gonna be an active year! I’m gonna be dropping so many singles, probably an EP and a few collabs with some big names – which I won’t name yet, it’ll be a surprise. I’m really looking forward to it. I want people to hear my music… People to really know who I am.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you before? What is it that unique thing you bring to the table?

Music as a whole to be honest is what keeps me going in life. Whether you’re down, or having a bad day just by putting on music it shifts your mood. I can just sit back and listen to music all day and my mood changes. I’m much happier, relaxed and laid back.

That’s all types of music by the way. I think you have to embrace it all or you won’t actually understand or fully appreciate what music is. Music comes with a different and unique sound from within and that’s why I’d say that my type of music is different.

I have that R&B chilled out flavour but you can hear that pop to it too. When you think; Wait he sounds like this or sounds like that, NO I sound like Jorday [laughs].

Don’t get me wrong , I do get inspiration from people such as Chris Brown, a bit of Usher with that type of R&B style but I also listen to a lot of different music.

I have much more content coming out in 2018 and I strongly believe it’s gonna be a good year for me. So far it has been good but it’s gonna be even bigger and better. I work hard for the music I make , my producer works hard and so does my manager. I believe next year you’re all gonna hear what Jorday is about.

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