Unsigned But Not Unloved : Fusion

The up and coming MC Fusion (Quincy Oyenuga), has been making waves within the grime scene of late and has been labeled by some as one to watch.

The London native has attracted the attention of BBK (Boy Better Know) member; and grime legend, JammerFusion’s track ‘Newham’ appearing on  ‘Lord Of The Mics VII – 10th Anniversary’, a compilation album that Jammer curates.

With the ‘Lord Of The Mics’ brand being a cornerstone of the grime scene, this is no small feat. GIGsoup writer Alex Shutti had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Fusion following the release of his recent single ‘Pennies and Coppers’…

So, Fusion! What’s up man? You good?

Yes man, I’m good how are you!?

I’m good, I’ve been mostly taking shelter from the snow the last couple of days! The first real question I want to ask is this – Who is Fusion?

Fusion is a British MC representing Newham – of a Nigerian heritage.

Ahh, one of my countrymen! Yoruba? Hausa? Igbo? (Note: These are the names of the 3 largest tribes in Nigeria)

I’m Yoruba bro!

Nice, me too! But anyway, let’s put tribes aside for a bit. How did you become an MC?

I like expressing bro. I just felt in my comfort zone being able to do so through music.

Yeah MCing is good for that. Do you prefer going off the dome and freestyling or do you prefer taking your time to write your bars? Or is that too personal a question?!

I like to write bro, but occasionally I freestyle.

So let’s talk about your newest single ‘Pennies and Coppers’ from your ‘READY’ EP. How did that come about?

My producer Five NINE just played me the beat and I clicked with it instantly… First lyric that came out was “I came from pennies and coppers”!

It is a great beat. So I’m guessing you’ve worked with Five NINE before?

Yeah man. One of the first serious producers I linked with.

I’ve heard you going bar for bar with your up and coming Grime crew ‘Mob Set’ on Radar Radio, what can you tell me about yourselves?

I’m not a part of Mob Set! What makes you think that?! But big up them up and coming youngers doing their thing.

Oh, that’s my mistake – I just heard your Radar Radio set with them from the end of January and I assumed. I’ve just re-read the title of the Soundcloud upload now though… it does definitely say ‘Mob set & Fusion’ on it so that’s my bad.

How did you link up with them anyway?

Their DJ wanted to get me down for a set and they were just there. I’ve known of them before they were ‘Mob Set’.

That’s the great thing about grime, sometimes things just fall into place. It was a dope little set, I got the vibe you guys worked together regularly.

One of the last things I want to ask you is – what can we expect from you in the near future? Musically, what are your plans?

I’m looking to defo put out the best, grimiest collection!

I think you’re more than capable. Thanks for the chat, and I look forward to hearing your up-coming work.

Wicked fam! Thanks a lot for working with man.

Fusion’s ‘Ready’ EP is available now – Here.

Ready EP