UNFORGOTTEN : System Nipel ‘Deep Into Matter’ (2006)

A rift in the space-time continuum has opened a Schwarzschild wormhole that bridges parallel universes through System Nipel’s 2006 debut album, ‘Deep Into Matter.’ The trajectory of this singularly traversable portal transports one to Hyperion Albiorix, a habitable planet orbiting main-sequence star system Alpha Centauri.

Encased by a luminous, iridescent atmosphere, Hyperion Albiorix is the true Shangri-La, and the glittering frequencies comprising this mysterious energy are completely unknown on Earth. It’s an ethereal exosphere that allows the planet to elude the constraints of time while cloaking its existence in the parallel universe. This beautiful utopian world bears resemblance to our own with many similarities, except here birds live on pillowy white clouds and having undergone eons of cosmic evolution, psy trance has risen to the level of sentience.

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On Hyperion Albiorix, pure full on psy trance is exquisitely alive and thriving. Back on Earth, at the end of an era, this beloved style characterizing ‘Deep Into Matter’ became known as old school psy trance, the purity of its spirit preserved in remixes and retro sets. But here on this clandestine planet, without the passage of time, this distinction was never made and it vivaciously endures in ways that were previously unimaginable.

System Nipel’s idyllic, elevating energy illuminates the radiant, magical sunrise with a graceful cascade of beautiful colors and euphoric light. As the translucent harmonies expand across the horizon, the sky transitions to clear blue, punctuated by the crisp, clean pulsating bass, technical breaks, and layered melodic flow. Dreams ardently come to life in this extraordinary paradise with the epic psychedelic track ‘Dream Vision,’ as it pervades the atmosphere in melodic unification, poignant acoustic guitar, and silky smooth progressions.

‘Lift Me Up’ is accompanied by majestic, free soaring multi-colored birds gliding on air. Their aerodynamic sky acrobatics could be likened to the liberated flow of dance floor momentum that one remembers from times past on Earth. This uplifting melodic track, along with ‘Donkey Drunky,’ elicits waves of nostalgia for the blissful happiness of open air festivals with their good vibes, arm waving, and the vibrant dynamism of summer.

As ‘Steal The Robot’ draws to an end with its contrast of edgy synth layers, alluring female vocals, and rolling bass line, it’s time to bid adieu to the otherworldly reminiscence and return to our known universe. Activating the orbital platform in Sector L9, one is propelled into hyperspace with accelerated superluminal velocity, expelling antimatter and shifting parallels back to the familiar reality on planet Earth.

Back in the axiomatic territory of our universe, it seems as though Hyperion Albiorix was merely a dream. Time elapses, but the memories never fade, and regardless of its classification more than a decade later, this classic System Nipel album lives on in the heart, here on Earth and the psychedelic Shangri-La, transcending time through one’s love and passion.

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